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A Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate degree that encourages students to obtain a broad educational foundation. By working on a variety of subjects, their communication and reasoning abilities are enhanced. These degrees are great for those that value a stable platform to launch their careers from.

What is a BA in Investment? It is a specialized business degree that teaches students to analyze investment opportunities and create profitable strategies. Students begin by completing a core set of business courses on accounting, finance, and business law. In the upper division classes, there is a heavy emphasis on economics and business statistics to complement the program’s main focus. Topics of study also include common investment strategies, taxation, and financial management. Students also learn about ethical practices, and many take advantage of their training to prepare for professional licensing examinations.

Those that have completed one of these degrees are prepared with the skill necessary to advise clients about their financial options. These graduates have advanced knowledge about the intricate details of financial products, and their interpersonal skills help them relate to their customers on an individual basis. Students also improve their analytical skill and are capable of deriving meaning from complex statistical information.

The cost for one of these programs can vary depending on the institution attended. Those interested should contact the admissions departments of schools under consideration for more details. Prospective students should budget appropriately for their living expenses during their time of study.

After graduating, there are many excellent career opportunities available in the financial sector. Banks hire these experts to manage accounts, and some graduates become personal bankers for larger clients. Stock exchanges may hire these graduates, and some become investment brokers or agents working for private firms. Others remain independent and develop professional careers as personal financial advisors, consultants, and analysts.

There are many different educational options available. Although traditional classroom settings are preferred by many, international students and working professionals often find excellent online universities that offer programs specifically designed to meet their needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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BA (Hons) in Finance, Investment and Risk

GCU - Glasgow School for Business and Society
Campus Full time 4 years September 2019 United Kingdom Glasgow

With a strong track record in the sector, our degree will put you firmly on the path to success in the financial services industry whether you're looking for a career in corporate or personal finance or insurance. [+]

Accredited by: EPAS CIM

The financial services sector in Scotland manages over £800 billion in funds and generates around £7 billion for the Scottish economy. This programme has a track record of producing in-demand graduates with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in the fast-moving world of financial services.

The programme, which has been recognised by Scottish Financial Enterprise for its innovation, is designed to develop your skills for an industry which in Scotland employs almost 100,000 people directly and the same again indirectly. It covers everything from personal finance to pension funds, stock markets, corporate finance and investment and risk management in financial services. You also have the opportunity to specialise depending on your interests.... [-]