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A Bachelor of Arts (BA) is often the first in the sequence of higher education degrees. With a typical completion time of three to five years, this degree provides a broad base of knowledge in the humanities as well as expertise in a chosen major or area of focus.

What is a BA in Ethics? This degree appeals to those who are interested in the dilemmas that are often created when attempting to mediate competing aims or balance the rights or needs of individuals against those of a larger group. This degree focuses on the study of morality, philosophy, and logic as well as their applications to reasoning and problem solving. Courses might also include a focus on topics such as economics, business, law, public policy, or political science.

This degree has the potential to greatly enhance students’ reasoning and problem solving skill as well as their ability to engage in objective, diplomatic analysis of situations involving ethics. Students may improve their communication skills and understanding of human interaction. These abilities can be applied in a vast range of contexts and careers, as the concept of ethics intersects in some way with almost every human endeavor.

The cost of an undergraduate ethics degree will depend on the school and program chosen, as well as whether classes are taken on campus or online. Students should take these factors into consideration when comparing available options.

Because of the universality of ethics concerns, the skills learned through this degree can be applied in almost any field. Graduates may apply their skills to the development and monitoring of ethics policies in business, government, or social services. Majoring in ethics offers graduates a great deal of flexibility to pursue areas of individual interest as they build a career around the application of standards and expectations for personal and professional behavior. This program is often a logical foundation for further study toward a law degree.

If you are passionate about ethics and moral reasoning or have aspirations to become an attorney, this degree may be a good fit for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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University Of Washington Bothell

Society, Ethics and Human Behavior (SEB) addresses these questions through a critical examination of the perspectives and tools used to understand human behavior, social ... [+]

Bachelor of Arts in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior (SEB)

Society, Ethics and Human Behavior (SEB) addresses these questions through a critical examination of the perspectives and tools used to understand human behavior, social institutions, and social policies. SEB combines an exploration of the ethical dimensions of individual and social action with analyses across multiple disciplines including sociology, psychology, media and cultural studies, anthropology, ethics, and political philosophy. The SEB faculty is committed to providing students with opportunities to engage in empirical research and project-based learning experiences in and beyond the classroom.

Graduating SEB students are ideally prepared to pursue professional careers or advanced study in a wide variety of fields, such as social work, education, public policy, law, media and cultural studies, and human resources. SEB also educates students to assume more active leadership roles within their communities, families, and workplaces.... [-]

USA Bothell
September 2019