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A Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a degree earned by many college students. In this program, students take courses pertaining to their chosen major in addition to a variety of liberal arts courses. They will have the opportunity to expand their horizons in many different topics. A BA degree generally takes three to four years to complete and provides students with valuable skills and knowledge.

What is a BA in Energy Studies? In this program, students may be given an in-depth education of energy and sustainability. Depending on the school, a focus may be placed on topics such as sustainability management, domestic and international energy policy analysis, or energy security. Some essential skills that students may receive include analytical, problem-solving and communication skills. They can also have the opportunity to get an extensive knowledge of the energy industry, global perspectives and sustainability ethic.

There are many reasons to earn a BA in Energy. For example, students can receive a wide variety of skills and expertise that will make them highly sought after by employers. This will allow several career doors to be opened.

Depending on the university you are interested in and the specific program they offer, the cost of earning this degree will vary. Get in touch with the admission office to better understand the program details and the costs involved.

With valuable knowledge, graduates with a BA in Energy can experience many career opportunities with government agencies, energy businesses, public utilities and non-government organizations. They may find jobs as sustainability specialists, public relations representatives, foreign policy analysts, domestic policy analysts and legislative affairs coordinators. They will be able to successfully utilize their solid understanding of energy sustainability and policy.

Many institutions offer online courses and degrees for foreign and local students alike. This allows them to have the flexibility they need. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Hochschule Stralsund – University of Applied Sciences

What are popular future technologies for increasing energy efficiency? Can wind, water and sun cover the energy demand worldwide in times of energy transition? In the Bac ... [+]

What are popular future technologies for increasing energy efficiency? Can wind, water and sun cover the energy demand worldwide in times of energy transition? In the Bachelor's program Renewable Energies, you will learn how to answer these questions by acquiring scientifically sound, applied and basic knowledge. Speaking of wind, water and sun: If you can not get enough of it, then you're in the right place at the Hochschule Stralsund. With the campus directly on the Baltic Sea, we offer you a unique study and leisure experience!

overview Degree Program - Regenerative Energies - Bachelor (REB) Faculty - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Start of studies - winter semester Approval - approval-free Duration of study - 7 semesters Creditpoints - 210 ECTS Degree - Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Lecture Language - German Pre-requisites general university entrance qualification (Abitur) or Fachhochschulreife or Master's degree or equivalent vocational training or technical school examination (more information at the General Counseling Office) or access check Summary ... [-]
Germany Schwerin
September 2020
7 semesters