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Today’s job market is shifting, and jobs that once required a basic education now demand greater credentials. A bachelor’s degree is becoming a common requirement for some entry-level positions. For those looking to set themselves up for a bright future, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) could be a great step.

Some individuals may wonder, what is a BA in Digital Marketing? It is a program that prepares individuals to be helpful contributors to companies’ marketing campaigns. Students learn current marketing strategies, as well as how to properly evaluate global markets. They also build their analytical, management and communications skills. Once they have completed the program, graduates are prepared to properly analyze the market to develop and implement effective digital marketing campaigns.

With the business market being driven by technology, a BA in Digital Marketing can help to create some job security. Companies not only need employees with marketing abilities, but they also desire individuals with some technological savvy. Also, the management skills, along with others, can be applied in the fulfillment of various functions. Earning a degree also qualifies graduates for higher salaries and more job opportunities.

In determining the price of obtaining this degree there are a number of factors that must be considered. The physical location of the school, the normal price for attending the particular institution and whether you study online or on campus all contribute to the cost, which can cause it to vary from school to school.

There are a number of different career paths that individuals with this degree may choose from. For those with strong management skills, there are several specialized supervisor positions, including analytics, accounts, social media SEO and PPC. Those with strong writing skills may also consider becoming a copywriter, and others with a knack for programming may choose web development and design. Individuals can choose to work for a company or create their own.

If you are technologically savvy with a gift for marketing, a BA in Digital Marketing may be worth considering. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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BA (Hons) in Advertising & Digital Marketing - University of Northampton

Amity Global Business School
Campus Full time 3 years August 2019 Mauritius Surinam

Earn a globally recognised UK University Degree in Mauritius. [+]

BAs in Digital Marketing. Why the University of Northampton? UK's 4th ranked University for employability High academic standards Experienced regional and global faculty Highly competitive and affordable fee structure in Mauritius Course Benefits Equipes students with knowledge and skills for a successful career in Advertising and Digital Marketing Develops skills in campaign planning Evaluate the management process and effectiveness of current advertising practice Develops employability skills Entry Requirements HSC or equivalent. English proficiency of IELTS 6.0 Career Opportunities Digital media executive Media planner Advertising planner Public Relations Consultant Brand or Communications Manager Social media executives Modules Foundations of marketing Introduction to marketing communications Foundations of advertising media Digital marketing essentials Understanding consumers Managing the Comm. Process E-marketing Professional practice for the creative industries Information for marketing decisions Public relations Mgmt. & Practice Research project Advertising consultancy project Issues in advertising practice Consumer behaviour Customer relationship management [-]

Bachelor degree in digital marketing management

EMBA Europäische Medien- und Business-Akademie
Campus Full time 6 semesters April 2019 Germany Hamburg Berlin Düsseldorf + 2 more

The Bachelor Degree Course Digital Marketing Management offers insights into all industry-relevant areas: What are the basics for digital marketing? How can marketing processes be optimized? What advantages does mobile marketing bring? How can success be measured and analyzed? How are data-based information professionally processed? [+]

Online Marketing Studies: Study Digital Marketing Management

The future of marketing is digital. Google, Facebook and YouTube are extremely important in the marketing of products, services or companies. Amazon, Zalando and ten thousand other online platforms worldwide rely exclusively on Internet and digital marketing. The "old economy" has also been around for a long time: whether Otto, Mercedes, Lufthansa, Tui or the supermarket next door: they all use the digital marketing channels to reach their customers. Processes are accelerated, campaigns are increasingly networked and mobile marketing sets completely new standards. Studying as Digital Marketing Manager at EMBA prepares the graduates ideally for a successful career in this booming and promising discipline.... [-]

BA Digital Business & Management

Berlin International - University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 3 years October 2019 Germany Berlin

With digitalization being a major trend in the modern, global economy, studying Digital Business is worthwhile. Therefore, more and more Digital Management programs focus on this topic. Start a career in a promising occupational field with the Business & Management BA program at Berlin International. [+]

With digitalization being a major trend in the modern, global economy, studying Digital Business is worthwhile. Therefore, more and more Digital Management programs focus on this topic. Start a career in a promising occupational field with the Business & Management BA program at Berlin International.

Program facts Duration: 3 years / 6 semesters Points: 180 ECTS Language: English Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Location: Berlin-Mitte Start: October Fee: 600€ monthly

What career opportunities does the Bachelor degree in Digital Business offer?

Much change is necessary for companies with existing business models, new career opportunities are currently generated in start-ups, small to medium-sized marketing agencies as well as multinational corporations. As a Business Specialist in the digital field, you will work on changing strategies, marketing, customer relationships, and you will assist in the development of new business models. It will be your responsibility in the future to align old models to the new digital realities.... [-]