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Program Description

Political Science is central to an understanding of all basic social issues and is one of the most popular liberal arts majors. A political science education gives people the ability to understand the workings of politics and the way it impacts the lives of all of us. A major in this field helps students develop skills of understanding and analysis, and builds competence in oral and written expression. Graduates go on to careers in law, business, journalism, teaching, and government.

Political Science is central to an understanding of all basic social issues; therefore, an understanding of political life is indispensable for any well-educated person. The department currently offers an undergraduate major, a minor in political science, a minor in public administration, and a graduate program leading to the Master of Arts degree.

Areas of political science in which courses are offered include American Politics and Public Affairs; International Relations and Comparative Politics; and Political Theory. Within each area, major themes are explored (e.g., public policy and administration, political values and change, elite-mass relationships, and political parties and groups.)

Students interested in majoring or minoring in political science are urged to register at the departmental office early, to meet with their advisors regularly, to check the current Schedule of Classes each term, and to become well acquainted with the requirements for political science majors or minors. A minor in public administration is also offered. Information is available in the departmental office.

Learning Requirements

Students majoring in political science must take at least 33 credit hours in political science.

Required Courses
PSCI-210 Introduction To Political Science 1,2 3
Along with PSCI 210, students must then select two of the following introductory courses (since all students must take an intensive writing course, we recommend they take PSCI 251. For those who cannot take PSCI 251, other WIP courses are available): 6
PSCI-216 American National Government
PSCI-251 Writing Intensive Program: Comparative Political Systems
PSCI-275 Introduction To World Politics
PSCI-291 Concepts Of Political Science
Select eight 300-level courses: 24
5 courses in one area of emphasis 3
2 courses in a second area
1 course in a third area
Total Hours 33

1. These introductory courses are not open to majors in their senior year.
2. Must be among the first four political science courses taken.
3. The broad areas of emphasis recognized by the department are American Politics and Public Affairs; International and Comparative Politics; and Political Theory. These eight courses must be at the 300-level.

Last updated October 2018

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