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Program Description

Do you love to create and consume media? Would you like a media major that is broad in scope, giving you wide experience in many media forms? Do you ever find yourself thinking about how the media affect our world? Do you want a major with some international flavor?

Then the Media Studies major is for you. In the Media Studies program, you’ll get a 360-degree immersive experience of the media environment, including design, delivery, and effects of media messages. Media Studies majors engage in original research, acquire 21st-century media literacy abilities, and develop practical skills through professional development courses and internships. This includes courses such as Social Media Strategies, Digital Media, Multimedia combined with theoretical courses to develop critical thinking and production experience.

The required courses for the degree encompass a range of relevant topics to give students a broad, experience-based education that is crucial for today’s media environment. This degree is also designed to offer students the flexibility to specialize in a particular area of communication.

You can pursue a Media Studies degree online, on-campus, or both, and opportunities to study at one of our international campuses are also available. 

Program Description:

The BA in Media Communications enables students to become familiar with several areas within the communications curriculum. Students will take core courses that will ground them in media theory, writing, and production, and then select a 12-hour area of concentration within the programs in the School of Communications.

Learning Outcomes:

Successful graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Design
  • Develop media content for different fields, platforms, and audiences
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the need to think ethically when creating messages
  • Delivery
  • Evaluate media in historical and global context Conceive and implement effective communication strategies
  • Effects
  • Analyze media content and effects

Degree Requirments:

A minimum of 128 credit hours consisting of the following:

  • 39 required credit hours
  • Applicable University Global Citizenship Program hours Electives

Required Courses

  • EPMD 1000 Introduction to Media Production (3 hours)
  • MDST 1010 Media Foundations (3 hours)
  • MDST 1050 Media Writing (3 hours) 
  • MDST 1160 Communication for Media Professionals (3 hours)
  • MDST 2100 Media Literacy (3 hours)
  • MDST 2800 Media, Diversity & Society (3 hours)
  • MDST 2500 Professional Development for Media Careers (3 hours) 
  • MDST 3100 Social Media Strategies & Tactics (3 hours)
  • MDST 3260 Global Media Practice (3 hours)
  • MDST 3300 Media Law, Ethics & Policy (3 hours)
  • MDST 4110 Digital Media & Culture (3 hours)
  • MDST 4200 Media Research (3 hours)
  • MDST 4620 Media Practicum/Thesis* (3-6 hours) or MDST 4950 Internship** (3 hours)

*Webster University Vienna students must select the thesis option. **Capstone Course - student must earn a grade of no less than B. Students in the MDST program are encouraged to explore minors, certificates, or even other majors to expand their experience.

Students may petition to complete a professional media practicum (internship) or senior overview with a focus in their area of concentration.

Career Prospects

With a Media Studies degree, you could be a:

  • Digital marketer
  • Media buyer
  • Media planner
  • Media researcher
  • Public relations officer
  • Runner, broadcasting/film/video
  • Social media manager
  • Television/film/video producer
  • Web content manager

Your degree could also help as an

  • Advertising account executive
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Editorial assistant
  • Event manager
  • Film director
  • Magazine journalist
  • Market researcher
  • Marketing executive
  • Media researcher
  • Photographer
  • UX designer
  • Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Technical writer

Application Process

At Webster University we look for high potential individuals with a global mindset, who are not only motivated to succeed academically but also to thrive in society. We are proud to welcome students from different countries and backgrounds with the belief that embracing such diversity can only contribute to their overall development, and enhance their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. The Board of Admissions reviews every application carefully to decide who will be offered a placement.

Undergraduate Admissions Process A to Z

  • Application Form: The application process begins with the submission of your online application form.
  • Required Supplemental Documentation: Please note that applicants are required to submit a number of supplemental documents to support their application. These requirements are listed below in the sections Undergraduate Freshman Applicants and Undergraduate Transfer Applications sections. You will be able to upload these documents into your online application after you have submitted it.
  • Acceptance: After having an intake interview and receiving your completed application package, the Admissions Committee will make a formal acceptance decision. Your admissions representative will then contact you to share the results of the decision and, if you are accepted, an official acceptance package will be sent to you.
  • Enrollment and Tuition Deposit: In order to confirm your enrollment, register for classes, and begin arrangements for any immigration process (if applicable), Webster Leiden Campus requests students to submit a confirmation deposit. The deposit amount for students are as below: 
    • EU students ( Visa not required ): €250
    • International students outside of EU, not requiring MVV: €1,000
    • International students outside of EU, requiring MVV: €10,000
      • *In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deposit for non-EU students requiring MVV has been lowered from €10.000 to € 8100.
    • The reduced deposit minus the visa application fee of €500 will be refundable provided a student has obtained a visa to study in the Netherlands but is unable to travel to the Netherlands due to Corona-related travel restrictions.
    • For non-EU students not requiring an MVV, the deposit remains €1,000 and a student will be eligible for a refund minus the visa application fee of €500 under these same terms.
    • In all cases, the €250 administrative cost will not be charged in case of withdrawal
      • These changes are applicable for the Fall I & Fall II, 2020 terms only.
      • This policy is subject to change. Please contact your admissions officer for more details.
  • Registration: Once your payment has been received and registration for courses opens, you will be contacted by your Academic Advisor for registration. If you are in need of a student visa to enter the Netherlands, your visa process will also start at this time.

Required Documents

  • Official transcripts of the last 3 years of your secondary and all post-secondary education with certified English translations by an official translator of all documents in languages other than English. These transcripts must be certified with an original stamp by one of two authorities: the school that generated the transcript or the Ministry of Education in the school’s country. Webster University does not accept scanned copies. Should you apply before graduating, your admission status will be provisional until you submit a copy of your diploma and final transcripts when they become available.
  • Please note: If you have CLEP, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, or other college preparation program credit you may be eligible for Advanced Standing credits. Please contact the admissions representative for more information.
  • Important: Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better (out of 4.0) on all previous academic work. The admissions office will assess your GPA equivalent.
  • All applicants are asked to submit a 400-500 word essay on a topic of their choice. Most students take this opportunity to state why they would like to study at Webster University. You may also describe a special area of interest, experience, or achievement. Additionally, you may also submit a resume of relevant academic, extracurricular, and professional experience.
  • Satisfactory scores on the Academic TOEFL examination (550/80) or Academic IELTS (6.0) examination. If you have attended an American/International/British school for 3 years or longer where the language of instruction was English, this requirement may be waived. If you attended an accredited institution in the United States for at least one year, as a full-time student, this requirement will be waived. Webster University Leiden offers on-campus TOEFL tests regularly throughout the year. If you will be taking a TOEFL test outside of Webster and would like to have your results automatically sent to us, please use the following code: 0548.
  • Two letters of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, and/or employer. The letter should discuss your character and aptitude for university studies.
  • A copy of your passport’s biographical page, plus any current residence permit or visa for the Netherlands. Please inform us if we need to apply for your visa/resident permit.

Undergraduate Freshman Applicants

Important note: Any documentation submitted to Webster University during the application process becomes the sole property of Webster University and will not be returned to the student. Please do not submit original documentation, but certified copies of those original documents. In order to certify transcripts from an academic institution, please have the issuing institution or the country’s Ministry of Education officially stamp a copy of the document. Notary stamps are not acceptable. Please contact the admissions department for further instructions about certifying documents. 

Undergraduate Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants are students who have completed at least 30 credit hours at another higher education institution. The application procedure for transfer students is the same as freshman applicants. However, please provide official copies of all post-secondary coursework (more than 30 semester credit hours) with your application.

Letters of recommendation must come from college-level instructors and/or employers.

Webster University will accept up to 98 semester credit hours of transfer credits depending on the issuing institution and program you will be studying at Webster Leiden Campus. 

Last updated Jul 2020

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