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Program Description

Do the possibilities of multimedia journalism fascinate you? Are you intrigued by how a video or image goes viral? Would you like the skills to take an idea from script to screen?

If so, then a degree in media communications will provide you with the tools needed to navigate the communication challenges of the 21st century. Media communications is a fascinating, rapidly changing, and growing field. News, entertainment, advertising, audio-visual production, photography, feature writing, blogging, social and personal media – they are all part of it. The internet and the digitization of information have driven media to new horizons and will continue to do so.

BA Media Communications is an innovative program focused on cutting-edge technology and new modes of media production and distribution. This includes courses such as video production, digital photography, and interactive multimedia combined with theoretical courses to develop critical thinking skills as well as production experience. Through course-work, internships, and portfolio reviews we prepare our students to become successful media professionals.

This degree will enable you to explore the ways humans use media and technology to exchange ideas. You’ll learn to interpret media messages, communicate effectively in context, demonstrate creative problem-solving, and exhibit professional knowledge and skills that will make you a valuable asset to marketing firms and organizations. 

A degree in this area offers a balanced education that emphasizes critical thinking, communication skills, and technical expertise. Following graduation, you’ll be ready to begin a career as a leading-edge producer, writer, reporter, editor, or technician. Studying media at Webster prepares you for successful research and practical work in one of the most relevant areas in today’s and tomorrow’s world: communication.

Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Critically analyze media messages
  • Demonstrate strategic use of media in context
  • Demonstrate creative problem-solving through the application of professional knowledge and skills

Program Curriculum

The 39 credit hours required for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Media Communications must include the following courses: 

Core Courses:

  • EPMD 1000 Introduction to Media Production (3 hours)
  • or JOUR 1020 Introduction to Media Production for Journalists (3 hours)
  • MEDC 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications (3 hours)
  • MEDC 1050 Introduction to Media Writing (3 hours)
  • or JOUR 1030 Fundamentals of Reporting (3 hours)
  • MEDC 1630 Media Literacy (3 hours)
  • MEDC 2200 Ethics in the Media (3 hours)
  • MEDC 2800 Cultural Diversity in the Media (3 hours)
  • or MEDC 3260 International Communications (3 hours)
  • MEDC 4100 The Law and the Media (3 hours)
  • SPCM 1280 Interpersonal Communications (3 hours)
  • MEDC 4620 Senior Overview/Thesis* (3-6 hours)
  • or MEDC 4950 Internship** (3 hours)

Program Outcomes

A strong portfolio is essential when it comes to finding a job and Webster ensures all media students leave with strong work in their specialized fields, whether they are journalistic texts, research, videos, photo series, etc.

The Media Communications curriculum prepares students for studies at leading universities, and to find employment as producers, writers, journalists, photographers, designers and creative directors in private business, television, government, NGOs, the movie industry, and elsewhere.

Average film/TV producer salary in The Netherlands - €49,143

Admission Requirements

At Webster University we look for high potential individuals with a global mindset, who are not only motivated to succeed academically but also to thrive in society. We are proud to welcome students from different countries and backgrounds with the belief that embracing such diversity can only contribute to their overall development and enhance their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. The Board of Admissions reviews every application carefully to decide who will be offered a placement.

Undergraduate Applicants

Application Form: The process begins with the submission of your online application form. Applicants are required to upload a number of supplemental items to support their application. These are listed below.

Supplemental items: After receiving your application form you will be able to upload the following remaining documents into your application:

  • Copy of a recent CV or Resume
  • Letter of motivation (one page) stating why you want to pursue the program and how it ties into your current career or future professional goals
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official certified copy of transcripts showing the last 3 years of secondary and all post-secondary education
  • TOEFL 550/80 or IETLS 6.0 scores or Password English Test (6.0)
  • Financial documents 

Why Webster Leiden?

Webster Leiden Campus was founded in 1983 and since then we have had over 2,000 students from over 50 countries graduate. We are the only institute for Higher Education offering American-accredited degrees in the Netherlands with five schools and colleges include Arts & Sciences, Business & Technology, Communications, Education and Fine Arts. 

Our mission is bold and appropriate for these times: Webster University, a worldwide institution, ensuring high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

Top Reasons to Study at Webster Leiden Campus

If you are planning to study an American degree abroad here are our top reasons why you should choose Webster Leiden Campus as your study destination. 

  • Study in the heart of Europe
    • Located in the heart of the Netherlands, our Leiden campus neighbors The Hague and Amsterdam, home to many organizations and businesses with a diverse and international workforce and clientele. Our strategic location and global reach attract a network of world-class faculty, often coming straight from the same international businesses and organizations, who provide our students with a unique learning experience where deep academic knowledge is combined with professional expertise.

  • American education in Europe
    • Webster Leiden is the only university that facilitates the ability to get an American education and accreditation in The Netherlands.

  • Flexible Degree Structure
    • Webster’s flexible degree structure promotes academic depth and intellectual breadth, encouraging you to explore diverse interests. Approximately half of your courses will be focused on your major area of study. Your remaining courses can be allocated to a second major, emphasis, minor, or certificate.   

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  • It’s affordable
    • In comparison to other European destinations like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands is an affordable place to earn a degree. The cost of living is significantly lower in “university towns” like Leiden, especially in comparison to what you’ll find in London or Paris. The NS, the country’s national train company, also offers heavily discounted tickets for students via its OV-Chipkaart program. In addition to the many student discounts offered by restaurants, theaters, and other businesses, living without a car isn’t just an option, it’s practically a way of life. It’s much easier to get around on a train or a bicycle.

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  • Orientation year ‘Zoekjaar’ for graduates
  • Following graduation from Webster, a world of exciting opportunities will become available to you. The ‘Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment’ is a residence permit aimed at retaining foreign talent for the Dutch labor market. You have up to three years after graduation to apply for this one-year residence permit.

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  • Career Service
    • Webster University’s Career Center aims to give students the opportunity to present the best of themselves when applying for internships or jobs. The Career Center's mission is to educate our students about the career development process and industry options, empowering them to make informed career decisions. Further, we aim to prepare our students for experiential learning (i.e. internships and community service), employment, and further education and to connect hiring organizations with our diverse student talent. 

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  • Webster University’s global recognition
    • Webster University continues to be ranked in the top tier of the Regional Universities-Midwest category of the 2020 U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges
    • Study Abroad programs ranked in the top 2 percent of the 1,500 colleges and universities surveyed in the “America's Best Colleges” 2019 edition of U.S. News & World Report 
    • Forbes' "America's Top Colleges" 2018, and recognized among the best in the nation for study abroad programs
    • recognized Webster for being among the best online master's program


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Founded at St. Louis, Missouri in 1915, Webster University is an accredited, non-profit American university with over 100 locations.

Founded at St. Louis, Missouri in 1915, Webster University is an accredited, non-profit American university with over 100 locations. Read less
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