BA in Languages and Intercultural Communication


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Program Description


Apply here to explore Your global career opportunities!

You will become a qualified expert on international communication for international business entities, organizations, governmental and EU institutions with excellent foreign language knowledge.

We provide attractive studies in a dynamic teaching environment tailored to global economic, cultural, and social needs and the newest trends.

Chance to learn three languages: Latvian, Russian, German, French or Spanish!

Requirements for Admission: General secondary or vocational education.


  • Aspects of Intercultural Communication
  • Introduction into Intercultural Communication Studies and Speciality
  • Language as a Means of Business Communication
  • Interpersonal Psychology
  • Introduction into Theories of Public Relations
  • Aspects of Latvian in Intercultural Communication
  • The English Language: Communication Aspects
  • Cultural Studies
  • Language Contrasts in Cultural Perspectives
  • Methodology of Applied Research in Enterprises and Institutions
  • Politics and Economy of the EU
  • Sustainability of Society and "Green" thinking
  • Academic Writing
  • Media Communication in a Multicultural Environment
  • Office Management
  • Project Management
  • Aspects of Intercultural Communication
  • Economic and Political Aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • Language as a Means of Business Communication
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • The English Language: Communication Aspects
  • Introduction into Computer Sciences
  • Human Resources in Multicultural Environment
  • International Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Decision Making
  • Diplomatic Protocol
  • Civil Protection
  • Russian as the First Foreign Language
  • Aspects of Latvian in Intercultural Communication
  • French/Spanish as the Second Foreign Language
  • German in Business Communication
  • Russian in Business Communication
  • Professional and Legal English

Career Opportunities

Intercultural communication specialists with foreign language skills in Human Resources, Public Relations, and Communication can work in:

  • Embassies
  • Governments
  • Committees
  • Courts or any other institution where language and communication skills are required.

Student Testimonials

Alyona Ryabovalova from Uzbekistan

I have a friend who suggested me to consider Latvia since it is a safe country, an interesting culture, and an amazing nature. [The reason why I had chosen Ventspils is the fact that it is located right on the coast of the beautiful Baltic Sea.] Moreover, I found a program that appealed to me. I had spent an amazing 3 years completing my bachelor's in business administration and decided to continue with the master's degree in the same field.

The program has exceeded my expectations. We have amazing professors coming from different countries, such as the USA, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. All the professors have incredible backgrounds, and they try their best to give us the knowledge which they had gained throughout their experience.


Monika Majoros from Hungary

I am studying in a master's study program Languages and Cultural Environment. The reason why I chose this program is simple – I needed an opportunity to learn languages. I think the more languages we know, the more opportunities we have. Latvia is a new beginning for me, an endless adventure and a great challenge.


Rohit Gupta from India

I am a proud student of VeUAS. The computer science course I am studying consists of crucial subjects such as Computer Hardware, Programming, Operating Systems, etc. My personal favorites ones are Programming, Physics and Latvian Language. VeUAS has always assisted me in studies and practical matters that help me to understand how different things work here and help me feel at home. The university is beyond my expectations and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to study and live here. The different activities and events happening here keep the VeUAS atmosphere fresh and amusing. Overall the quality of life and education here is great and I feel very relaxed to study in this beautiful nature of Latvia.


Alumni Testimonials

Dana Reizniece-Ozola, Master’s Degree in Translation, Latvian Politian, former Minister of Finance and former Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia

Ventspils University of Applied Sciences was my ticket to success: strong education, smart people and an environment where the most cosmic ideas can be implemented.


Andris Slavinskis, Master’s Degree in Computer Science, employed at NASA Ames Research Center in the USA, Tartu Observatory, Finnish Meteorological Institute and Alto University in Finland.

I consider starting my studies one of the most important stages in my life because it gave me the opportunity to work with talented teachers who care about students, to study independently and with classmates, and to take responsibility for my own life. During my studies, I was completely devoted to student life - taking photos and taking part in a photo group, dancing folk dances and making friends with whom I continued to grow after Ventspils. VeUAS is a place to develop for students who are not afraid of challenges.

Last updated Jul 2020

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Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VeUAS) was founded in 1997 as a self-governing state university and scientific institution. Its basic activity is to carry out scientific research and to impl ... Read More

Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VeUAS) was founded in 1997 as a self-governing state university and scientific institution. Its basic activity is to carry out scientific research and to implement academic and professional study programs. Read less