BA in International Tourism Management


Program Description

This degree course majors in Health & Medical Tourism.

This degree will teach students broad and methodological expertise through practical teaching on the basis of economic fundamentals. The specifics of business and tourism, skills, implementation competence and the ability to innovation will be developed. Students will acquire social and international skills, enabling them to competently and safely manage the complex and cross-cultural environment of tourism and in particular health and medical tourism. In light of the increasing globalization of the tourism industry, we place great importance on the development of our students' language skills.

Career Prospects

This degree focuses on a diverse qualification which enables graduates to launch careers in a wide variety of areas throughout the health and tourism sector. They are able to effectively manage high-level daily business and competently implement projects using their expert knowledge. In addition, graduates should be able to take over the management of smaller companies as well as work in a wide range of leadership roles in health and tourism industries.

Graduates work with a systemic approach in a scientifically founded and ethically reflected manner. This objective is aided by the practical section of the course which includes internships in selected national and international institutions and organizations that work in close coordination with the Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

In order to reach the learning objectives outlined, a practice-oriented, applied approach is of particular importance. The application and transfer of scientific knowledge to concrete current issues in health and medical tourism are ensured through the programme’s focus on diverse areas of application. Through participation in inter-professional projects, teamwork skills and interdisciplinary competencies will be developed. The flexible course structure allows students to develop technical, career field-oriented skills early on in their studies.

Career prospects are in:

  • Hotels
  • Wellness facility management
  • Clinics
  • Organisations
  • Assistance
  • International health agents
  • Travel agencies
  • Airlines
  • Research

Course Content

This degree course is seven semesters in duration, with six theoretical semesters and one internship semester which can be completed in Germany or abroad in the fifth semester. The degree course is completed with bachelor exams.

Students must sit exams in the following modules by the end of the second semester:

  • T102 Personal & Scientific Development
  • T103 Applied Statistics & Data Analysis
  • T204 Marketing Principles
  • T205 Quantitative & Qualitative Research

The practical study units are an integral part of the total course and are not required to be completed in one block, they can be completed in segments and documented in an internship report.

Successful graduates receive a Bachelor's degree certificate and a degree supplement document which shows a list of all subjects and modules taken, for the benefit of transparency as future employers can clearly see the exact course of study.

Admission requirements

  • General university entrance qualification

Background knowledge

  • Prior knowledge in the basics of economics would be advantageous
  • Level B2 English language skills

Course language

  • English
  • Some subjects may be studied in German during the 1st / 2nd semesters if preferred

Last updated Aug 2019

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