BA in International Finance


Program Description


A well-functioning financial sector is not just an outcome of economic development, but also the one of the main drivers for sustainable growth.

In an era of integration of world markets, there is increased competition coupled with tremendous opportunities. As the financial services industry continues to evolve, the need for qualified human resources grows as well. To ensure that our graduates succeed in a highly competitive marketplace that values expertise and trustworthiness, we are committed to furthering their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The undergraduate International Finance program with its renowned faculty, strong curriculum, and ties with the financial services sector aims to graduate professionals who are aware of today’s challenging economic and social issues. Our mission is to equip our students with the tools and skills necessary for their future careers, and to provide them the foundation they need to become competent executives who will assume leadership roles in their professional and daily lives

Academic Program

The undergraduate International Finance program aims to graduate students with the skills necessary to master the techniques and approaches in the forefront of modern finance and who adhere to the highest standards of business and personal ethics.

As the program places a strong emphasis both on theoretical foundations and applied financial economics, our graduates will be able to serve in financial services, corporate sector and the public sector alike. We also believe that some of our graduates will pursue graduate studies.

The key functions of financial services are considered as: promotion and pooling of local savings; allocation of capital into productive investments in the real economy; facilitation of the exchange of goods and services; and management of risk. The program has three broad areas of concentration allowing students to focus on their choice: Banking and Financial Institutions; Corporate Finance; and Financial Instruments and Portfolio Management.

The main difference that sets the Faculty of Business International Finance program apart from others in the country is its flexible learning system allowing for interdisciplinary interactions, allowing students to shape their education through a blend of finance, business and other field courses offered in the University.

  • The first and second years
    During their first and second years, students take foundation general and business courses, common with the other undergraduate programs at the Faculty of Business.
  • The third year
    Students start gaining expertise in several areas of finance through a set of program-required courses. Students are provided with a broad understanding of the functional areas in finance.
  • The fourth year
    Students have the opportunity to gain in-depth expertise about different sectors through a broad range of electives as well as company visits, guest speakers, and case studies.

The program offers a large number of upper-level elective courses in a variety of areas, and students are encouraged to choose among these to develop their skills widely. In order to graduate from the program, students are required to complete 46 courses with a total of 240 ECTS credits. The table below summarizes the distribution of courses in the program across categories.

Course Category Number of Courses Total ECTS credits
Fundamental required 34 176
Program elective 4 24
Faculty elective 2 12
Non-faculty elective 2 12
Free elective 2 12
Internship / Certificate 2 4
TOTAL 46 240
Last updated Dec 2018

About the School

As a research university, Özye?in University always opens new horizons and presents new opportunities for students to enable them to discover their true competencies. In a quest to have its graduates ... Read More

As a research university, Özye?in University always opens new horizons and presents new opportunities for students to enable them to discover their true competencies. In a quest to have its graduates stand out and be one step ahead of others, Özye?in offers an innovative education model that adds value to its students. Özye?in University’s primary mission is to prepare its students to be resourceful graduates in the world of business, making sure that they know more than one foreign language, acquire new skills through social activities, continuously develop themselves, expand their global vision before graduation through international internship or exchange programs, and always be at the service of society. Read less