BA in Communication and Media


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Program Description

  • Level of Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media
  • Scheme of Study: 6 semesters (3 years) full-time programme
  • Specializations/Majors:
    • Media Informatics
    • Business Communication

Communication matters because connection matters. Being a professional communication expert requires a wide range of skills and competences as well as a background in various fields of study. For this reason, communication programmes offer an exceptionally colourful, multi-disciplinary curriculum devised to provide instruction in a variety of subject areas.


The Course

This BA programme offers a broad-based approach to the methods, channels and institutions of social and mass communication. Students learn how to work with the basic aspects and principles connected to communication and media, how to form and express their thoughts effectively in accordance with the basic theories and conceptions of the social communication and how to communicate information, arguments and analyses to the professional and non-professional audience by the use of the modern tools of communicational technologies.

The Communication and Media Science BA study program, run by the Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Dunaújváros offers two specializations. The program welcomes students interested in the world of the media with a specialization in Media Informatics. Those students who wish to prepare themselves to make contributions to various organizations and contexts from a communication perspective can choose the Business Communication specialization.


During their university studies, we provide our students with a practice-oriented training program which is based on a thorough theoretical foundation. Therefore, students are given the opportunity to apply the various theoretical methods in real-life situations, such as producing TV programs in the very first semester.

We welcome our future students with a 200-m2 studio and equipment required for professional TV production, such as full HD multi-camera recording and post-production activities. Students observe and are involved in TV editing as part of their studies. During their internship, they can improve their technical competence in a real professional environment, work for our communication partners and we also publish their pieces.

Reasons to Choose Our Communication and Media BA Course

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the communication processes in the human society, the main functions, interpretations and methods of communication;
  • Develop excellent communicational skills that are essential in everyday business life;
  • Acquire the basis of practical media technological knowledge by the use of the high-level of communication technology infrastructure (TV-studio, radio station, media laboratories) of our campus;
  • Take the opportunity to study in a multi-cultural environment.

Career Opportunities

Communication is the global challenge of the third millennium. The appreciation of communication and media experts means that the prospects of students after graduation are excellent and include a wide range of professions: editor or director of radio and television programs, journalist, online journalist, web designer, anchorperson of a television or radio program, media technician, manager of public relations, marketing and marketing communication department, manager or coworker of a communication agency, etc.

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Content and Structure

During their studies, candidates are required to take up to 180 credits, each semester totalling 30 credits.

There are six core modules in each of the first three semesters of the programme.

The core modules in the first year are taken mainly from the field of social sciences, communication skills and communicational theoretical knowledge.

Second year modules introduce the regulation and the specific fields of communication, and the start of the Electives and modules of specialisation extends both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students in relation to the major chosen by them: business communication or media informatics.

In the final two semesters, students are required to acquire the knowledge of the modules in their chosen specialisation and to accomplish their final degree projects and write their thesis.

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