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The Three-year course in Communication Design gives a strategic, cultural and operational preparation for future designers in the communication field.

Contemporary communication scenario requires highly specialised professionals, able to work with a cross-disciplinary approach, managing technology and maintaining a constant balance between creativity and strategic thinking.

The course offers four specialisations: Communication Management, for the management of brand identity through development strategies and communication plans; Event and PR, for the design and realisation of product related events, or aimed at creating value for a brands or projects; Copywriting and Content Design, for the production of visual or textual storytelling, that has to be coherent with the chosen online and offline media; Art Direction, for management and creation of expressive and brand oriented iconographic languages.

Professional opportunities – Digital PR, Event Specialist, Project Manager, Copywriter, Content Specialist, Creative Specialist, Account Manager, Community Manager, Editor, Art Director.

Communication Design is a constantly growing and evolving topic, as shown by the importance gained by the processes related to the strategic planning of brand initiatives.

The market requires flexible professionals, able to work with a cross-disciplinary approach and to maintain a constant balance between strategic thinking and creativity.

Methodology and structure – The didactic methodology is based on the synergy amongst creativity, technology and experimentation, combining theoretical disciplines, and learning by doing sessions.

The course presents common cross-disciplinary approaches and more vertical paths aimed at providing specific skills. Through cross-disciplinary teachings, students acquire socio-cultural, technical, and methodological knowledge; they study in depth professional tools and, in the meantime, they develop their personal talent and creativity. They learn how to use research and experimentation within the creative process, in order to find their own design identity.

Thanks to a broad overview of the communication field, its professions, actors, and possible applications, that is provided during the first year, students are able to choose a specialisation area.

During the second year, students focus on the skills required by all the specialisations: the strategic pathways Communication Management and Event and PR, and the creative ones Copywriting and Content Design and Art Direction.

In the third year students improve their knowledge of the tools needed for the elaboration and communication of a project, putting into practice the several theoretical steps that bring to develop an idea, from the concept to the final realisation.
Students concretely deal with cross-disciplinary experimentation, which culminating point is the Final Project that is articulated in research and laboratory, simulating the real professional practice.

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The cradle of design and industry. IED owes its establishment in 1966 to the intuition of its President Francesco Morelli.

The cradle of design and industry. IED owes its establishment in 1966 to the intuition of its President Francesco Morelli. Read less
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