As part of your education at Wartburg College, you will work through many of the ethical challenges now confronting the business world. You’ll be prepared to make and stand behind difficult decisions and gain hands-on experience sought by many employers.

You’ll also find career opportunities in today’s fast-paced business environment in fields like public or private accounting, finance, international business, government service, healthcare management, marketing, and nonprofit organizations.

You will benefit from small classes taught by professors who have experience and expertise in many aspects of business administration, accounting, and economics. Faculty members mentor students for careers as well as for active citizenship through classroom experience, internships, case studies, and undergraduate research.

Alumni Outcomes

Sample of Alumni Positions from the Past Five Years:

  • Sales Executive, Midwest Heritage Bank, Des Moines
  • Marketing and Box Office Manager, U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids
  • Territory Manager, Hormel Foods, Lebanon, New Jersey
  • Marketing Associate, Bolide Technology Group, San Dimas, California
  • Staff Auditor, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Accountant, Dan Deery Motors, Cedar Falls

Sample Stand-out Alumni Positions:

  • Chairman and CEO, American Family Insurance, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Operations Analyst, World Bank, Washington, D.C.
  • President, Merit Contracting, Rochester, Minnesota
  • CEO, RewardSnap Corp., Indianapolis, Indiana
  • National Sales Operations Manager for Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC


Program Goals

Students graduating from the Business Administration, Accounting, and Economics department will:

  • know themselves, their values, and their passions;
  • see the purpose of business leaders as economic stewards for the good of society;
  • respect and effectively collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives;
  • apply the skills of professionalism in an increasingly complex world;
  • engage in the creative process in a variety of contexts;
  • gather and analyze information from a variety of perspectives;
  • evaluate and solve challenging problems;
  • communicate effectively in a variety of settings;
  • understand and apply disciplinary knowledge;

Intended Student Learning Outcomes

Business Administration Major

Students will:

  • analyze a real-world scenario to identify key issues and recommend action.
  • apply quantitative skills to solve business problems.
  • apply values and ethics to organizational problems.
  • formulate and communicate, using appropriate technology, a well-organized argument supported by evidence.
  • complete a business-related task/project while participating in a team-based environment.

Additional Intended Student Learning Outcomes By Concentration

Students will:

  • design and build a financial model in Excel (Finance concentration)
  • gather, analyze and draw conclusions from international business-related data (International Business concentration)
  • explain and apply a consumer-centered approach to a marketing scenario (Marketing concentration)
  • demonstrate knowledge of planning, organizing, leading and controlling in organizations (Management concentration)
  • apply managerial or marketing skills to an internship in an athletic setting (Sport Management concentration)

Major Requirements

Students pursuing the business administration major have the option of completing one or more concentrations.

  • Finance Concentration
  • International Business Concentration
  • Management Concentration
  • Marketing Concentration
  • Sport Management Concentration

13 course credits:

  • AC 121 Principles of Accounting I
  • AC 122 Principles of Accounting II
  • BA 325 Business Communication
  • BA 331 Business Law I
  • BA 334 Business Finance
  • BA 345 Principles of Management
  • BA 353 Principles of Marketing
  • BA 460 Senior Seminar in Business
  • CS 110 Introduction to Information Systems or
  • CS 120 Introduction to Computers and Programming
  • EC 117 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • EC 118 Principles of Microeconomics
  • MA 107 Finite Mathematics or
  • MA 250 Applied Calculus or
  • MA 251 Foundational Differential Calculus and
  • MA 252 Foundational Integral Calculus
  • MA 214 Statistical Methods or
  • MA 313 Mathematical Probability and Statistics

Concentrations in Business Administration

Finance Concentration

Business Administration major plus 4¼ course credits:

  • BA 338 Portfolio Management
  • BA 480 Financial Modeling or
  • BA 481 Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation
  • EC 342 Financial Markets and Modern Money

Two course credits from the following which have not been used to meet requirements in the Accounting or Economics majors or minors.

  • AC 223 Cost Accounting
  • AC 321 Intermediate Accounting I
  • AC 423 Income Tax Accounting I
  • BA 332 Business Law II
  • BA 364 Bank Management or
  • EC 364 Bank Management
  • BA 365 Principles of Insurance
  • BA 418 Sustainable Economics and Finance or
  • EC 418 Sustainable Economics and Finance
  • BA 480 Financial Modeling
  • BA 481 Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation
  • EC 355 International Trade and Finance

International Business Concentration

Business Administration major plus 4 course credits:

  • BA 441 Multinational Management
  • BA 442 International Marketing
  • EC 348 Development Economics
  • EC 355 International Trade and Finance
  • Minor in a foreign language or equivalent demonstration of competency in a foreign language.

Management Concentration

Business Administration major plus 4 course credits:

  • BA 346 Human Resource Management
  • BA 361 Operations Management
  • BA 438 Organizational Behavior and Management

One course credit from

  • BA 377 Non-Profit Management
  • BA 436 Trends in Business Management
  • BA 441 Multinational Management
  • BA 447 Entrepreneurship
  • BA 449 Organizational Leadership

Marketing Concentration

Business Administration major plus 4 course credits:

  • BA 424 Consumer Behavior
  • BA 454 Advertising and Promotion

Two course credits from

  • BA 375 Online Marketing or
  • COM 375 Online Marketing
  • BA 414 Introduction to Sales and Sales Management
  • BA 433 Trends in Marketing
  • BA 442 International Marketing
  • BA 444 Marketing Research
  • COM 346 Organizational and Public Relations Writing Techniques

Sport Management Concentration

Business Administration major plus 4½ course credits:

  • BA 346 Human Resource Management or
  • BA 454 Advertising and Promotion
  • PE 142 Introduction to Sport Management
  • PE 300 Contemporary Issues in Sport Management
  • PE 375 Administration and Organization of Fitness Programs and Facilities
  • PE 471 Internship in Fitness Management


Whitehouse Business Center

Whitehouse Business Center (W.B.C.) was completed in 1984, providing facilities for business administration, economics, and accounting, a suite for the Admissions Office, and the Study Abroad Office. The Whitehouse Business Center is connected by skyways to Luther Hall and the Saemann Student Center.

Wartburg Hall, which opened in 1913 as the college’s first hall for women, was razed after the construction of the W.B.C. A monument featuring the pillars and pediment from the Wartburg Hall entry is located just east of the WBC.

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