BA in Advertising Communication


Program Description

This course is held in the Italian language.

The Undergraduate course in Advertising Communications is designed to train graduates with a solid preparation in the area of advertising communications, able to operate creatively in the world of contemporary multimedia. In particular, the course’s objective is to form Art Directors, who together with Copywriters constitute the creative nucleus in an advertising agency, creating a concept for an advertising campaign and translating it into communication.

Professional Profile

Art Director, Copywriter, Digital Communication Specialist

The Art Director is responsible for the creative strategy at the visual level. He/she transforms the concepts into images, determining, together with the copywriter, the contents of the message in a television spot, a print ad, a poster, an event, in viral, guerrilla and web marketing.

The Copywriter is gifted with the capability of synthesis and knows how to dance with words. A creative writing professional, he/she plays with words. Looks for them. Prefers them. Tries their communicative potential. A stylist of words who anticipates trends and when needed creates new languages. Creative, theoretical and a humanist, they may, in one of their possible evolutionary changes, lose the “copy” and transform themselves into a “writer”.

The first year of the course is dedicated to the fundamentals, or to acquiring the basic tools from different cultural reference points, the tools and the rules which distinguish and characterize a design style. Particular attention is paid to the analytical phase and study of the actual tendencies of the consumer and of the sociological changes in play, and to basic practical methods of digital design and digital technology through the study of specific programs dedicated to both static and moving graphics.

The second year of the course concentrates on the methodology and assisted project design. The student gains knowledge and competence in the specific professional areas through actual guided practice, the study of the technical aspects, teaching about the cultural characteristics, with particular attention given to the evolution of the contexts, the markets, and the languages. The student develops competence in designing creative campaigns from a visual standpoint. Through various other contributions, the final goal of critical analysis of the image coming from various disciplines and languages which are heterogeneous between them, the student matures in his personal visual and cultural patrimony, creating new esthetic visions and a personal expressive universe.

The third year is dedicated to an advanced design project and professional simulation, experiencing first hand the design themes for which a professional Art Director is responsible. The thesis project is a complex and articulated project, done in collaboration with public offices and companies who work with the European Institute of Design with the intent of finding original and innovative solutions. The teaching is entrusted to professionals from various sectors; in this way, the rapid transformation in progress regarding national and international producers can find an immediate reply in the course contents and in the fulfillment of the thesis project.


This BA is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education Research (MIUR) as an Academic Diploma Level I and awards 180 credits.

Last updated Jan 2020

About the School

Florence boasts one of the world most important artistic and cultural heritage, but it is also a city with a long history in Italian design.

Florence boasts one of the world most important artistic and cultural heritage, but it is also a city with a long history in Italian design. Read less