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Bachelor Degree Illustration

From pencil and brush to digital animated film

Illustration study at the University of Applied Sciences Europe combines classical arts such as painting, drawing and printmaking with the fascination of contemporary design using modern digital techniques. Illustrations visualize complex content in newspapers, magazines, infographics, advertisements, posters, websites and apps. In storybooks and comics, they tell stories and create entire films or virtual worlds in storyboards and concept art.

Il | lus | tra | re [lat.] (V.): Bring to light; illustrate

Due to the development of digital media, working methods, requirements, technical workflows and application spectrums are constantly changing. Nevertheless, the art of drawing as a technical basis and as an elementary cultural technique for communication and brainstorming is indispensable. To illustrate means to invent images, to develop your own visual languages, to experiment, to think visually and to work. But it also means translating texts into graphic ideas, doing research on a wide range of topics, finding adequate solutions - and always remaining curious.

In the bachelor's program Illustration at our university, you will only learn from renowned lecturers from the creative industry and can use the professional equipment of the University of Applied Sciences Europe for analog and digital techniques for your study projects. The focus of our teaching is your individual support in small learning groups and a friendly, familiar and creative atmosphere. Through our interdisciplinary selection of subjects, a variety of practical projects and through a semester abroad or internships, you can actively shape your studies and your career path.


  • Early Bird: Apply until June 30 and get a 10% discount on the first semester in WS19.
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Campus: Berlin and Hamburg
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Beginning of the semester:
    • Winter semester: September
    • Summer semester: March
  • Duration of study: 7 semesters (full time)
  • Internship / semester abroad: 5th semester
  • Credit Points: 210 ECTS
  • Focus of study:
  • Focus on individual support in small learning groups and a family atmosphere. Many creative freedom, professional equipment and practical projects. Teaching by renowned lecturers from the creative industry.
  • Study Fees:
  • For EU applicants: € 7,980 annually
  • For non-EU applicants: € 10,380 annually

The special thing about studying at the University of Applied Sciences Europe

They study at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in small learning groups to ensure individual support. This gives you personal contact with the lecturers, who are successful professionals in the creative industry. You benefit from their network from the first semester.

Through a large, interdisciplinary subject selection, contents of the study itself can be determined and extended. Practical approach to study at our university means, among other things, a creative studio with professional equipment for analogue

We are a private and state-recognized university with multiple awards - just like our professors and students. The University of Applied Sciences Europe offers an NC-free application, because your personality counts with us.

Contents of study - semester abroad, internships and more

In the study of illustration they study and deepen the art of drawing not only as a professional basis but also as an elementary cultural technique for communication and brainstorming. In a creative atmosphere you will get to know artistic and application-related, experimental and classical, analogue and digital working methods of painting, drawing and printmaking and to use them professionally. As an illustration student, you can narrate stories, picture books, or make entire films in comics and storyboards.

Your lecturers and professors are internationally operating illustrators and artists, who impart their experience of professional practice to you. Illustration is a young, growing course of study which, with its lecturers from practical experience, the integrated semester or practical semester and a variety of optional elective modules as well as interdisciplinary seminars, enables you to make an optimal start in the artist profession.

Study illustration and make career

Illustrators and illustrators see themselves as artistic partners of editorial offices, advertising agencies, design offices, publishers, museums, game and film productions. You are not only in demand as a service provider, but bring in an advisory with your ideas, your experience and creative attitude, you usually work as an independent freelancer. The language of images is universal - hence, illustrators are open to the world.

Depending on the specialization and inclination, the range of tasks ranges from the magazine page to the advertising campaign, from infographic to scientific illustration, from packaging design to concept art for computer games. Especially in children's books, comics, graphic novels, animated films and other artistically freer projects illustrators appear as independent authors.

Students tell about their studies in the #uestories

"At the University of Applied Sciences Europe, I've been able to try a lot and have discovered a lot of new things and found my own style."

Linh never thought he would discover a new page in his drawing style when he came to our college.

Application for the art department Art

Film Motion Design, Photography, Communication Design, Game Design or Illustration - Which course of study fits your talents? We appreciate your interest in undergraduate courses at the University of Applied Sciences Europe .

You can apply one year in advance for the desired semester start at our university. The application deadline for the winter semester is August 15 (non-EU applicants: June 15) and for the summer semester February 28 (non-EU applicants: February 28) . Following this, there is a follow-up procedure for unrecognized study places. If you already have a valid student visa for Germany, you can apply within the official application deadline.

Admission criteria for a study place at the University of Applied Sciences Europe are the university entrance qualification and the results of the entrance examination. A recording is also possible if the criteria of §11 in the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG) are met.

By the way: You can also take the entrance exam without a high school diploma and one year before your planned start of studies. This will give you the certainty of whether or not you can study at the University of Applied Sciences Europe .

We look forward to receiving your application for the summer and winter semester 2019 and beyond.

Formal requirements

The basic admission requirement for the bachelor's degree program at the University of Applied Sciences Europe is the (technical) higher education entrance qualification you have achieved with a high school diploma. Anyone who has completed at least two years of vocational training regulated by federal or state law and has worked for at least two years (each in a field similar to the intended course) has an immediate subject-specific university entrance qualification (BerlHG § 11) and can also attend the University of Applied Sciences Europe Study University of Applied Sciences Europe .

We will examine your requirements and inform you immediately after submission of the documents whether you can be admitted to the studies.

Benefits in programs of study at other state or state recognized higher education institutions as well as extra-curricular achievements are recognized on application, provided that their equivalence with the achievements in the respective study course is established. Equivalence shall be established where no material difference can be demonstrated and the performance in terms of content, scope and requirements of the study program for which credit is requested is substantially the same. Responsible for this is the examination board. The concrete conditions for crediting and the exact procedure for this are regulated in the relevant examination regulations for the study program.

So you apply

  • Please complete our online application form completely.
  • Upload a copy of your (Fach-) Abitur certificate or equivalent.
  • After reviewing your records, we can assess if you qualify for a degree from the University of Applied Sciences Europe . If so, we will invite you to your entrance exam. Please make sure we have your valid phone number and can reach you about it. Of course, your data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to us.
  • For the entrance exam at our university, please bring your own portfolio and a certificate of general or subject-specific university entrance qualification in original or in certified photocopies.

How is the recording interview going?

  • Please bring along for the admission interview:
  • Tabular CV
  • Certificate of General or Subject-Specific University Degree in Certified Photocopies. Admission is also possible if the criteria of § 11 of the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG) are met.
  • Portfolio with own artistic-creative works. This should contain 15-20 working examples (exception Game Design (BA), three to five concepts). The following are possible: drawings, paintings, sketchbooks, photos, computer graphics, websites, CD-ROMs, short films, but also text-oriented works such as: B. Concepts for advertising campaigns or articles. Larger sculptural works and three-dimensional objects can also be documented as photos or in digital form. The folder must be accompanied by a written statement that the work was done independently. In the case of Game Design concepts for analog or digital games and also prototypes can be shown (Gameplay, Game Art, Story).
  • Possibly. Proof of own social commitment, eg. For example, projects in which you are involved.
  • Your conversation with representatives of the kind
    • First, you will be asked about your motivation for a creative study.
    • Afterwards your folder will be examined, in which about 15-20 work samples should be. Your portfolio and the results of the interview will decide on your admission to study at the University of Applied Sciences Europe .
  • Immediately after the interview, you will learn if you will be admitted to study at the University of Applied Sciences Europe .
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