BA Strategic Brand Communication Degree


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Program Description

BA Strategic Brand Communication Degree

The BA in Strategic Brand Communication develops students in strategic thinking and planning for a broad range of communication industries. The programme develops strategic skills in identifying, exploring, analyzing and solving brand communication challenges through the development and implementation of accountable and original brand communication strategies. To this end, the programme also trains students in the practice of channel planning, digital strategy, and project management.


Year 1

  • Critical Thinking and Media Studies 1
  • Strategic Brand Communication 1
  • Business Communication and Digital Media 1
  • Principles of Innovation
  • Brand Communication Project Management

Year 2

  • Critical Thinking and Media Studies 2
  • Strategic Brand Communication 2
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Practice of Innovation
  • Business Communication and Digital Media 2
  • Channel Planning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Year 3

  • Critical Thinking and Media Studies 3
  • Strategic Brand Communication 3
  • Experiential Brand Building
  • Innovation Management
  • Digital Brand Building
  • Public Relations and Brand Reputation
  • Introduction to Research and Research Practice

Career opportunities

Strategic Planner | Account Executive | Event Manager | Public Relations Planner | Sponsorship Planner | Direct Marketing Planner | Corporate Social Responsibility Planner | Channel/Media Planner | Digital Marketing Planner | Research Communication Manager | Internal Communication Manager

Entry requirements

  • An NSC with Degree admission- A minimum of 30% for English coupled with a minimum of 50% for four x DESIGNATED NSC subjects (This excludes LO which is a 10 credit subject but includes English); OR
  • An NC (V) with Degree admission – A minimum of 60% in English on either First Additional Language or Home Language level AND Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy AND Life Orientation, with a minimum of 70% in the four vocational subjects is required; OR
  • An SC (with endorsement) or equivalent; OR
  • Alternatively, a Higher Certificate, an Advanced Certificate 240 or 360 credit Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in a cognate field may satisfy the minimum admission requirement for degree studies.
  • If a Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate 240 or 360 credit Diploma or Advanced Diploma is not in a cognate field, then at least 20% of the credits of such qualification must relate to academic literacy or academic skills in order for an applicant ­to be admitted to degree studies.
  • All candidates are required to attend an interview.

General requirements for undergraduate degrees:

All applicants for The IIE undergraduate degree studies, including international students, are required to write the Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) – National Benchmark Test (NBT) unless they have attained the age of 23 by the time they register. The AQL – NBT is used for placement in student support programmes and does not replace the admission requirements for a specific degree programme.

Applicants who achieve a score lower than 64% are required to register for and successfully complete the two Academic Literacy, Introduction to Scholarship modules (ITSA and ITSB). Applicants who do not write the AQL - NBT prior to admission will automatically be registered for ITSA and ITSB whether or not these are credit-bearing modules in their qualifications. These candidates may, on the provision of an AQL - NBT score of 64% or above, be exempted from one or both the modules if and only if these are not credit bearing modules in their qualifications. For candidates who are completing the modules as a result of the low AQL - NBT score or who did not provide an AQL - NBT score, successful completion of ITSA and ITSB is a pre-requisite for registering for any third year modules and thus any student who has not completed ITSA or ITSB in their first year of study will be required to do so in their second year. Where ITSA or ITSB is credit-bearing in the qualification concerned, successful completion of one or both (depending on the curriculum structure) is also a graduation requirement.

Cost & Fees

Full Settlement p.a.: R62,000

Instalment Fee (10 Monthly Instalments): R65,900

Deposit(Applicable to both fees): R10,000

T&C's Apply

*Make sure you secure your place at Vega early!!
**Deposit Included in Total Fee

Last updated Feb 2018

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Vega School, an educational brand of the Independent Institute of Education, believes that brands are the world’s greatest assets for meaningful change. Vega therefore aims to graduate a new breed of thinker by delivering fully accredited Certificates, Baccalaureates, Honours and Masters programmes in brand building and creative communication. Vega’s mantra - wisdomwithmagic - communicates its belief in creative strategic thinking. An IIE Vega graduate is an explorer who is smart, colourful and passionate, but generally dissatisfied with the status quo because he/she knows that brands, businesses, economies and societies can be healthier and do better for people. Read less
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