BA Social Anthropology and ...

Programme Code: See May Be Combined With

Duration: 3 or 4 years - combined honours degree


  • Access to HE: Minimum of 30 Level 3 Credits at Distinction
  • Scottish Highers: AAABB
  • Scottish Advanced Highers: AAB
  • Irish LC: 340 points from 5 Higher level subjects at grade C1 or above
  • Advanced Placement: 4 4 5 (Two semesters - UCAS Group A) plus US HSGD with GPA 3.0
  • Euro Bacc: 80%
  • French Bacc: 14/20
  • German Abitur: 2.0
  • Italy DES: 80/100
  • Austria Mat: 2.0
  • Polish Mat: Overall 75% including 3 extended level subjects

Minimum Entry Requirements: Mature students may be considered on the basis of alternative qualifications and experience. We do not require applicants to have particular disciplinary backgrounds.

Subjects Preferred: None

Start of programme: September

The BA Social Anthropology Combined Honours Degree (4 years when combined with a Language) focuses largely on the study of the developing world, from remote communities to more recent urban development. We are curious about the world and innovative in our approach to finding new solutions to recurring problems. Studying the programme at SOAS is unique as it draws from our expertise in a plethora of humanities subjects including sociology, philosophy, linguistics, literature, and history. If you are interested in nurturing a better understanding of what it is to be human in the complex world in which we live, then this discipline is suited to you. Additionally, the nature of the Combined Honours degree enables you to develop a specialist niche for yourself by studying a second subject.


May be combined with

  • African Studies, (TL56 BA/SAAF)
  • Arabic+, (LT66 BA/SAA)
  • Burmese ++, (LT6H BA/SABU)
  • Chinese+, (LT61 BA/SACH)
  • Development Studies, (LL96 BA/SADVS)
  • Economics, (LL16 BA/SAEC)
  • Geography*, (LL76 BA/SAGE)
  • Georgian, (LT69 BA/SAGN)
  • Hebrew+ , (LQ64 BA/SAHE)
  • History, (LV61 BA/SAH)
  • History of Art/Archaeology (V350 BA/HAR)
  • Indonesian++, (LTPH BA/SAI)
  • International Relations (LL26S09 BA/IRSA)
  • Japanese+, (LT62 BA/SAJ)
  • Japanese Studies (TL26 BA/JSSA)
  • Korean+, (LTPL BA/SAKO)
  • Law, (LM61 BA/SALW)
  • Linguistics, (LQ61 BA/LGSA)
  • Middle Eastern Studies (TL66 BA/MESSA)
  • Music,(LW63 BA/SAMS)
  • Persian, (LTQ6 BA/SAP)
  • Politics, (LL62 BA/SAPOL)
  • South Asian Studies++ (3 years), (TL3Q BA/SASSA)
  • South Asian Studies++ (4 years) +, (TLH6 BA/SASSA)
  • South East Asian Studies, (TLHP BA/SASEA)
  • Study of Religions, (LV66 BA/SRSA)
  • Swahili+, (LTQ5 BA/SWSA)
  • Thai++, (LTQJ BA/THSA)
  • Tibetan++ , (LTPJ BA/SAT)
  • Turkish+, (LTP6 BA/TUSA)
  • Vietnamese++, (TLJ6 BA/VSA)

+ 4-year degree with (compulsory) one year abroad

++ 3 or 4-year degree with option of one year abroad

* Taught at King’s College London


Students take 120 credits per year composed of core and optional modules, which allows for students to design their own intellectual journey while maintaining a strong grasp of the fundamentals.

Most two-subject degrees take three years, but degrees including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Swahili, Turkish and some South East Asian languages are taken over four years, with the first and second years mainly devoted to language study.

Year 1: Students take two core modules in Anthropology. The remaining 60 credits may be completed through their other subject and/or open options.

  • Introduction to social anthropology (30 credits)
  • Social Theory (30 credits)
  • 2 units from other subject

Year 2: Students do the value of 60 credits from the Anthropology side and 60 credits from their other subject. The modules in this year are more advanced theoretically and offer a wide choice of ethnographies.The 15 credit regional ethnography modules are designed (in the second year) to be combined - according to student interest and module availability - with a second regional ethnography module taught in a different term to form a compulsory 30 credit unit of ethnography modules (e.g., Japan and China; South Asia and South East Asia; East Africa and West Africa), or (in the third year) to be taken as a free-standing option. The remaining 60 credits must be taken from the other department named in the degree.

  • Theory in Anthropology (30 credits)
  • Two of the following ethnography courses (15 credits)
  • Ethnography of a selected region - China
  • Ethnography of a selected region - Japan
  • Ethnography of a selected region - South Asia
  • Ethnography of a selected region - South East Asia
  • Ethnography of a selected region - Near & Middle East
  • Ethnography of a selected region - East Africa
  • Ethnography of a selected region - West Africa

Year 3: Students choose two further 30 credit modules in specialist Anthropology options; 30 credits may be an Independent Study Project or an open option, subject to completing at least 150 credits in Anthropology overall. Contemporary Trends in the Study of Society is recommended for two subject students, but not compulsory. Students returning from a Year Abroad having taken three language modules in the first year must do the first and second year compulsory modules in Anthropology in their third year. Please note that final year students may not take any introductory level modules, including languages.

Year 3 Option Units List

  • Advanced Ethnographic Study 151802022 (15 credits) Full Year
  • African and Asian Cultures in the Diaspora 151802052 (15 credits) Term 1
  • Anthropology and Film 151802026 (15 credits) Term 1
  • Anthropology of Human Rights 151802075 (15 credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Independent Study Project in Social Anthropology 151802039 (30credits) Full Year
  • Introduction to Legal Anthropology 151802076 (15 credits) Term 2
  • Mind, Culture and Psychiatry 151802017 (15 credits) Term 2
  • New Media and Society 151802070 (15 credits) Term 2
  • Principles of Social Investigation 151802024 (15 credits) Term 1
  • New Religious Movements in Africa, Asia and the Middle East 151802073 (15 credits) Term 1
  • The Anthropology of African and Asian Communities in British Society 151802035 (15 credits) Term 2
  • The Anthropology of Gender 151802031 (15 credits) Term 2
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