BA Law and... Combined Honours Degree

Duration: 3 or 4 years

Entry Requirements

  • Access to HE: Minimum of 30 Level 3 Credits at Distinction
  • Scottish Highers: AAAAA
  • Scottish Advanced Highers: AAA
  • Irish LC: 360 points from 5 Higher level subjects at grade C1 or above
  • Advanced Placement: 4 5 5 (Two semesters - UCAS Group A) plus US HSGD with GPA 3.0
  • Euro Bacc: 85%
  • French Bacc: 15/20
  • German Abitur: 1.5
  • Italy DES: 85/100
  • Austria Mat: 1.5
  • Polish Mat: Overall 80% including 3 extended level subjects

Subjects Preferred: None

Interview Policy: Applicants with non-standard qualifications may be invited for an interview

Mode of Attendance: Full-time

In an increasingly interconnected world, the law is no longer the preserve of single jurisdictions as legal issues are no respecters of national borders. A SOAS Law degree addresses this need by providing our students with an educational experience that equips you with a distinctive set of skills far beyond what is offered by most traditional Law Schools.

The SOAS Law Combined Honours Degree is a 3 or 4-year full-time degree, which aims to produce highly skilled, civic-minded and critically engaged graduates, who can effectively contribute to their communities and societies through the knowledge and skills gained on this course.

The nature of the Combined Honours degree enables you to develop a specialist niche for yourself by studying a second subject.

The BA Law Combined Honours Degree is aimed primarily at those not wishing to become practising lawyers, but provides students with a wide range of analytical and transferable skills and is suitable for any profession in which a non-specialised degree is required. Although it is possible to switch to the LLB at the end of Year 2 or 3 provided the student has taken and passed all the required courses necessary to qualify for an LLB.


May be combined with

  • African Studies, TM51 BA/ASL
  • Arabic+, MT16 BA/LWA
  • Burmese++, MTCH BA/LWBU
  • Chinese+, MT11 BA/LWCH
  • Development Studies, LM91 BA/LWDVS
  • Economics, LM11 BA/LWEC
  • Geography**, LM71 BA/LWGE
  • Georgian, MT19 BA/LWGN
  • Hebrew+, MQ14 BA/LWHE
  • History, MV11 BA/LWH
  • History of Art/Archaeology, VM31 BA/HAAL
  • Indonesian++, MTDH BA/LWI
  • Korean+, MTDL BA/LWKO
  • Linguistics, MQ11 BA/LWLG
  • Persian, MTD6 BA/PLW
  • Politics, VM31 BA/HAAL
  • Social Anthropology, LM61 BA/SALW
  • South Asian Studies++ (3 Year), TMH1 BA/SASLW
  • South Asian Studies++ (4 Year), TM3C BA/SASLYA
  • South East Asian Studies, TMJC BA/LWSEA
  • Study of Religions, MV16 BA/SRLW
  • Swahili+, MTD5 BA/SWLW
  • Thai+, TM31 BA/THLW
  • Turkish+, MTC6 BA/TULW
  • Vietnamese, MT1H BA/VLW

** Taught at King's College, London


Students take 120 credits per year composed of core and optional modules, which allows for students to design their own intellectual journey while maintaining a strong grasp of the fundamentals.

Students may take a maximum of 60 Law related credits and a minimum of 30 Law related credits a year on this programme.

In Year 1 students are introduced to the core elements and principles of the English legal system and provided with the key analytical skills necessary for undertaking a demanding law degree program.

In second, third and fourth years’ our students will be even more fully immersed in the distinctively SOAS program. Our students can choose from a wide array of optional courses that draw on the unique research expertise of our staff. The emphasis we place on choice, and research-led teaching, will allow our students to pursue a number of distinct specialisms as their degree progresses, but whichever path they choose to focus on the courses they study will all be imbued with that distinctive SOAS dimension, that stresses critical engagement and understanding of the role of law in the world at large.

Year One

All BA Law and.. combined honours students will attend the introductory, non-credit-bearing module 155200070 Introduction to Law & Legal Processes which runs intensively in the first two weeks of teaching. Students will then take either 30 or 60 credits in Law (depending on the requirements of the other subject studied) from the list of first-year Law courses: If the other subject has 2 compulsory modules then you must take the following two modules in Year One.

  • Introduction to Law and Legal Processes 155200070 0 Term 1
  • Contract Law 155200071 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Criminal Law 155200068 (30 credits) Full Year


If the other subject has 3 compulsory modules (most language modules), then you must take the following modules in Year One.

  • Introduction to Law and Legal Processes 155200070 0 Term 1
  • Contract Law 155200071 (30 credits) Full Year

Year Two

Students will take the core/compulsory module 155200073 Legal Systems of Asia and Africa in their second year of study (or third year if abroad in their second year).

  • Legal Systems of Asia and Africa 155200073 (30 credits) Full Year

Year 2, 3 and 4 Option List

  • Advanced Administrative Law 155200061 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution 155200067 (15credits) Term 2
  • Asylum and Immigration Law 155200077 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Chinese Law 155200055 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Commercial Law 155200062 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Common Law, Equitable and Comparative Property 1: Property Interests 155200074 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Company Law 155200053 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Criminal Law 155200068 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Common Law, Equitable and Comparative Property 2: Proprietary Relationships 155200075 (15credits) Term 1
  • Contract Law 155200071 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Family Law 155200006 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Foundations of Human Rights Law 155200082 (15credits) Term 1
  • Independent Study Project on a Selected Legal topic 155200041 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Introduction to EU Law 155200069 (15credits) Term 2
  • Introduction to Global Commodities 155200080
  • Islamic Law 155200037 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Law and Nature 155200081 (15credits) Term 1
  • Law and Society in South Asia 155200032 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Law of Commercial Arbitration 155200066 (15credits) Term 1
  • Law of Islamic Finance 155200060 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Law of Tort 155200072 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Public International Law 155200083 (15credits) Term 2
  • Public Law 155200076 (30 credits) Full Year
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3 - 4 years
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