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Program Description

The business course is one of the classics among the courses. A wide range of business and economics training is offered here, which prepares the next generation of commercial managers for a variety of career opportunities.

Application-oriented course content provides important basic knowledge and trains theoretical thinking skills. The students are enabled to recognize economic and business problems in practice and to solve them on the basis of scientific methods and findings. The extensive elective area offers individual design options and intensive training in the preferred areas of focus.

The business degree course offers a modern and interdisciplinary degree, the content of which is closely geared to the needs of the markets. In numerous workshops and projects that are carried out in cooperation with regional, national and international companies, students gain valuable practical experience that optimally prepares them for their professional future.

The standard period of study is 7 semesters (3.5 years), which includes a full practical semester. Upon successful completion of the Bachelor's degree in Business, the academic title "Bachelor of Arts (BA)" is awarded.

“Saints don’t live on Park Avenue.”

Brief information

graduation Bachelor of Arts
Start of studies March and September
Application deadlines Summer semester: December 1st. by March 15th, winter semester June 1st to September 15th
Orientation events Preparation week or guest for a day
Normal period

7 semesters
210 credits

Type of study

Full-time undergraduate degree, also part-time possible

Event language

German, some voluntary, creditable events in English


There are no admission restrictions for the degree in Business. The admission requirements for the Bachelor's degree in Economics are met by those who can provide evidence of the generally applicable admission requirements in accordance with Section 18 of the Lower Saxony University Act (NHG).

admission requirements

There are various degrees with which you can prove that you have a university entrance qualification. In addition to the classic educational qualifications of the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), the subject-related higher education entrance qualification (Fachgymnasium) and the technical college entrance qualification (Fachoberschule), the higher education entrance qualification can also be proven through a professional qualification.

If you find that you have not yet met the requirements for the university entrance qualification, we will be happy to inform you about suitable ways that lead to the acquisition of the university entrance qualification.

Knowledge of German for foreign applicants

According to § 1 (4) of the enrollment regulations of the Jade University, the enrollment of applicants with a foreign qualification recognized as equivalent can be made dependent on that the applicants have sufficient knowledge of the German language. This must then be proven by a German test.

Course contents

Information provided without guarantee. Subject to changes.

The economics degree covers a total of seven semesters. The first three semesters are called the basic phase. Here, the various basic economic skills are sustainably promoted in compulsory courses. This includes:

  • Business and economic skills
  • legal competencies
  • mathematical skills
  • information technology skills
  • Leadership skills
  • foreign language skills

The fourth semester is a practical semester. The students work for at least twenty weeks in a company, where they can contribute the knowledge they have learned and apply it to specific problems. In addition, they acquire new practical experience and get a first insight into the desired specialization.

In the fifth to seventh semester, there is deepening and specialization. The extensive options in the advanced phase open up great creative potential for the students. By sharpening your profile, you stand out from the competition and increase your career opportunities.

There are two branches of study to choose from in the seventh semester:

  • A second practical phase of at least ten weeks can be completed (branch I).
  • Alternatively, students have to take three elective subjects (branch II).

In addition, the bachelor thesis is written in the seventh semester, with which the students round off their personal profile. The scientific work is often done in collaboration with a company. After successfully passing the colloquium, graduates are awarded the academic degree “Bachelor of Arts” (BA).

Business degree

job profile

The practical course in business enables optimal preparation for professional life. The graduates have a wide range of business management opportunities. For example in the areas:

  • service
  • trade
  • Industry
  • Public and social institutions
  • Banking and insurance

Thanks to the economic understanding acquired during the course, the graduates have the best prerequisites to work in qualified positions in middle and upper management. Employment in smaller regional companies is just as possible as working in national or international groups. During a large number of projects as well as in the practical semester and during the bachelor thesis, the students have sufficient opportunity to get to know the different types of companies and the diverse economic core areas.

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