BA Business Administration specialization: business and organizational psychology


Program Description

Why specialize in business and organizational psychology?

Success in companies requires a strong business foundation and a thorough understanding of the people involved. Both areas of competence are taught to you in this Bachelor: The solid basic course teaches the knowledge in business administration and management; the specialization in business and organizational psychology gives you the know-how to deal with the psychological challenges in the workplace.

By understanding the psychological background of human action in organizations, the course enables you to make important contributions to the work process. You can also better involve other people in diverse work processes, such as in innovation, change or marketing work, and motivate them if you have built up competencies in organizational and business psychology.

Business and organizational psychology is the ideal specialization if you want to work in the following areas, for example:

  • Corporate and organizational development
  • MR
  • Change and transformation management
  • consultation

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The basic modules

Learning field 1 - orientation, perspectives and methods

Management-oriented business administration
A slightly different introduction to modern management and economic thinking

Understand how the (global) economy and economies work today

Don't be afraid of numbers - we teach you the business mathematics that you really need today.

In business, nothing works without numbers, data and statistics. We show you how statistics become business intelligence

Company and commercial law
Everything that is right: The most important legal questions and relationships for business people

Optional - if you want:
Don't be afraid of numbers: The “SMI Mathematics and Statistics Refresher”
Push 1: The SMI push program (your individual coaching) - the first competence measurement + feedback

Learning area 2 - innovations, entrepreneurship and competitiveness

Understand modern markets, customers and innovative marketing

Innovation and technology
Managing innovations, recognizing trends and understanding technologies

Management methods, processes and strategies

International management
Understand globalization and control international organizations

Optional - if you want:
Push 2: The SMI push program - the first consultation, the first coaching (individual)

Learning area 3 - finance, financing and business plans

Financial accounting and management accounting
Balance sheets, annual accounts, income and cost accounting: the financial focus of our business studies

Investment & financing & controlling
Future-oriented financial management: How do I calculate investments and financing? How do I control with modern controlling?

Law and taxes
Taxes and tax law. Sounds a bit dry - but is extremely important in practice

Learning area 4 - organization, leadership and me

Project management
Project competence for dynamic, digital and agile organizations

Organization management
How to design and develop powerful business organizations

HR management
The instruments of human resource management - completely operational but also very strategic

Competence development
Personally: you develop yourself and your skills for complex management tasks

The specialization:
Economic and organizational psychology

Innovation project
Develop, present, discuss and implement innovations, company ideas, and start-ups in a team

Change management
Shape change professionally

Integration module: introduction, theories and developments in organization and personnel
At a glance: The most important topics, theories and trends in the areas of organization and personnel

New Work and New Leadership
New work strategies
Concepts of New Leadership Perspectives for the New Working World

Communication and leadership
Leading employees successfully - communicating and motivating convincingly

Basics of individual and team development
Have personality and be effective in a team

Organizational design
How structures and processes are designed today

Research methods for business psychologists
Qualitative and quantitative empirical methods

Organizational tools
The methodical toolbox for successful organizational work


You can apply to us online by sending all the necessary documents to the following email address:

The following documents are requested:

  • Application form
  • School report
  • Training certificate (if available)
  • CV in tabular form (signed)
  • A current photo
  • De-registration certificate (if available)

Your complete application should be received no later than 4 weeks before the start of your studies.

Last updated Mar 2020

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