BA (Hons) in Spanish and Latin American Studies


Program Description


Over 400 million people around the world speak Spanish – which is why learning the language for yourself makes you a powerful asset to employers in an age of global opportunities.

This course offers Spanish for all – from complete beginners to advanced speakers – and equips you to read, write and speak the language to an advanced level appropriate for the demands of today’s job market. You’ll also have the chance to acquire a critical awareness of the societies and cultures of Spain and Latin America, as well as transferable skills that can be applied in a number of professional and academic settings.

In order to truly immerse yourself in Spanish and Latin American culture, you’ll spend an extended period studying abroad in either Spain, Mexico, Chile or Argentina. This opportunity to refine your language skills will be bolstered by the research-led teaching you’ll enjoy in Stirling, where 97% of Spanish students say our course staff are good at explaining things (NSS 2017).

If you’d like to explore multiple subjects, Spanish and Latin American Studies can be combined with loads of other courses. From Education or Business Studies to Law and Journalism, each combination is designed to help you work towards your vision for the future right from the outset of your studies.

Course details

In semesters 1-4 you’ll take Spanish at either beginner or advanced level, plus two modules in other subjects, allowing you to develop your interests and practise your critical skills. The advanced course comprises tuition in written and spoken Spanish and Latin American cultures. Beginners focus exclusively in the first two semesters on developing their Spanish with a dedicated language course.

During semesters 3-4, beginners and advanced language students will continue to learn the language, while also studying Spanish and Latin American cultures.

In semesters 5-8, you’ll continue in the study of language in written and spoken form, and choose from a variety of optional modules. Choices include: Andean Culture; History and Politics in Argentine Culture; National Identities in the Basque Country and Catalonia; and Sexuality and Gender in Latin American Film.

For many of our Spanish degrees, there is a compulsory period of Study Abroad for a semester in a Spanish-speaking country. In your final study year, you may write a dissertation on your chosen subject in place of a taught module. If you’re taking a Single Honours degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies, writing a dissertation is mandatory.

What jobs can you get with a Spanish degree?

Language skills are highly sought after by employers and open up a wide range of careers. University of Stirling graduates with a degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies have secured jobs teaching in both Spanish and English, translating and interpreting – as well as roles working in finance, the civil service, industry and commerce, marketing, administration, charity work, publishing and public relations.

Spanish studies will help you to develop good communication skills. Spending time abroad during your degree also helps to develop cultural awareness, as well as an ability to adapt to new surroundings and work independently or as part of a team. In a job market that’s becoming increasingly global, these skills are all in high demand across most career sectors.

  • 96% of our undergraduate leavers are in employment or further study within 6 months of graduation (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2015/16).
  • Combine Spanish with a wide range of other subjects to focus in on your specific ambitions.
  • Your experiences of using Spanish abroad help to prepare you for a range of professional settings.

Fees - 2018/2019

  • Overseas students (non-EU): £12,140
  • Scottish and EU students: £1,820
  • Students from the rest of the UK: £9,250
Last updated Nov 2018

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At the University of Stirling, being the difference is in our DNA – providing education with a purpose and carrying out research that helps to shape society.

At the University of Stirling, being the difference is in our DNA – providing education with a purpose and carrying out research that helps to shape society. Read less