BA (Hons) in English Studies for the Professions


Program Description

What is English Studies for the Professions?

  • Increases your career opportunities as you become a proficient and confident English user
  • Develops your ability to communicate professionally across media and contexts
  • Satisfies your curiosity about languages and cultures
  • Builds your strengths in both subject knowledge and practical skill

Programme aims

Our programme aims to nurture graduates who will have:

  • a firm grounding in language studies which can be critically and creatively applied in a variety of business and management contexts, especially in multilingual settings;
  • the ability to exercise judgment and develop an intellectual curiosity to work both independently and as part of a team;
  • the potential to become future leaders and entrepreneurs excelling in communication for professional purposes;
  • a high level of professional communicative competence in English;
  • an understanding of intercultural communication in multilingual settings that enhances their global outlook and cultural appreciation; and
  • the ability to apply their strong communication skills to solve real-world problems effectively in local and global multilingual professional/business settings.

Programme characteristics

  • The programme promotes the all-round development of students’ potentials to the fullest extent for the English language profession.
  • Along with a major in English Studies, students can also take a minor in another discipline offered by the University.
  • A variety of teaching and learning methods are adopted, including language and computer laboratory work, online English language databases, role-plays, simulations, talks by guest speakers, and workplace visits and placements.
  • Students explore the global and cultural dimensions of the subjects studied and further develop themselves professionally through participating in summer programmes abroad and credit-earning student exchange programmes overseas.
  • The emphasis placed by the programme on self-directed learning, project-based learning, and group work helps to develop students’ sense of entrepreneurship, leadership, and teamwork.
  • Students will acquire a set of essential skills, such as research and study skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, language and communication skills, self-reflection, peer evaluation, and teamwork, to facilitate their life-long learning journey.

Recognition by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong

The programme is recognised by the Education Bureau and its Standing Committee on Language Education and Research as an English Language Major Degree Programme which meets the Hong Kong Government’s Language Proficiency Requirement. Registered BDLCC students are eligible to apply for the Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers offered by the Education Bureau.

Career prospects

Graduates of the Department of English are successful in their careers and excel in various industries and professions in Hong Kong. Fresh graduates of this programme find employment in media and journalism, retail, human resources, public relations, marketing, and advertising, publishing, education, and the civil service, where a high level of competence in English and professional communication is needed.

According to the university's 2016 graduate employment survey, the average starting salary of our graduates is the highest among all degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Humanities.

The 4-Year Curriculum

University Core (GE) Curriculum [30 credits]

  • Language and Requirements
  • Freshmen Seminar
  • Leadership and Intra-Personal Development
  • Service-Learning Requirement
  • Cluster Areas Requirement
  • Healthy Lifestyle (non-credit bearing)

Discipline-specific Subjects for BA in English Studies for the Professions [75 credits + 3 training credits]

Common Subjects for all BDLCC Students [15 credits]

  • Introduction to Language
  • Introduction to Bilingual Studies
  • Introduction to English Speaking Cultures
  • Anthropology and Language
  • Aspects of Chinese Culture

Compulsory Major Subjects [45 credits]

Advanced Language Proficiency

  • English for Academic Communication
  • English for Advanced Academic Writing
  • English for Management
  • Academic and Technical Chinese Writing

The Nature of English

  • Analysis of English Pronunciation
  • English Lexis and Semantics
  • Analysis of English Grammar

English in Context

  • Research Methods for Language Studies
  • English Discourse in the Professions
  • English for Technical and Web-based Writing
  • Corpus-driven Language Learning
  • Language and Intercultural Communication for the Professions
  • English as a Global Lingua Franca
  • Capstone Project for Language Studies

Practical Training

  • Work-Integrated Education (WIE)

Elective Subjects [15 credits]

Professional Communication

  • English for the Media
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Communication
  • Content Design for Social Media
  • Creative Writing in New Media
  • Fundamentals of Media Communication
  • Aspects of European Public Discourse
  • Aspects of European Film
  • Introduction to European Visual Art
  • The Language of Advertising
  • Introduction to the History of Europe: a Trade Perspective
  • Effective Communication for Public Relations
  • English for Science and Technology
  • Understanding English Legal Texts
  • Multimodal Analysis of Advertisements
  • Meaning in Professional Interaction
  • New Media and Professional Communication
  • Quantitative Literacy for Language Professionals

Applied English Language Studies

  • Approaches to Professional Language Training
  • Literature in English: An Introduction
  • English for Specific Purposes: Translation
  • Teaching English as a Service Learning Experience
  • Empowering Teenagers through Teaching Workplace English
  • Language Policy and Planning: Local and Global Perspectives
  • Advanced English Grammar
  • English Rhetoric for Effective Communication
  • Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics
  • Literature in English: An Advanced Course
  • Designing Courses for TESOL
  • Critical Language and Cultural Studies
  • Language and Gender
  • Clinical Linguistics

Global Languages

  • Elementary Spanish I
  • Elementary Spanish II
  • Elementary Portuguese I
  • Elementary Portuguese II
  • Elementary French I
  • Elementary French II
  • Elementary German I
  • Elementary German II
  • Intermediate Spanish I
  • Intermediate Spanish II

Free Electives / Minor [18 credits]

  • Free elective subjects from any PolyU academic departments, including the Department of English; OR
  • A Minor from a PolyU academic department

Your Study Options

The programme allows you to pursue one of the following three study options:

  • BA (Hons) in English Studies for the Professions (BAESP) as a single degree programme in English Studies (4 years; 123 credits + 3 WIE training credits)
  • BA (Hons) in English Studies for the Professions (BAESP) under the Major/Minor option with English as the Major and a Minor from another discipline (4 years; 123 credits + 3 WIE training credits)
  • BAESP and BA (Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies as Double Majors (4 years; 156 credits + 3 WIE training credits) [the extra 6 credits will be taken on a self-financed basis]

Entrance Requirements

Local Applicants

For applicants admitting through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS), the minimum entrance requirement are the same as those of PolyU’s:

  • Level 3 or above in English Language and Chinese Language;
  • Level 2 or above in Mathematics and Liberal Studies; and
  • Level 3 or above in two elective subjects.

The following subjects will be given the highest weighting in the calculation of admission scores:

  • Chinese Language
  • English Language

International Applicants

Please click here to view the entrance requirements for international applicants.

Last updated Jan 2019

About the School

In the Department of English, our primary mission is to provide applied English language studies for the professions, and we aim to be recognised internationally as a leading provider of undergraduate ... Read More

In the Department of English, our primary mission is to provide applied English language studies for the professions, and we aim to be recognised internationally as a leading provider of undergraduate and postgraduate studies focusing on professional communication. Read less