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Program Description

The core accounting and finance courses of the programme are required by the ICAEW and under consideration with the ACCA for further exemptions. The ICAEW has also recognized this programme as a partner in learning. The programme offers many specialized courses to incorporate contemporary theories, practices, and tools to enhance industry-specific employability, transferable skills, competence and latest knowledge with a view to equipping them with dynamics of changing the market and business scenario (recent recession, failing sub-prime market, exotic financial derivatives etc.). The core accounting and finance courses include key accounting and financial components. In this programme, quantitative and statistical tools like SPSS, SAGE 50, and financial modeling using Excel are introduced to run and analyze data as required to infer and deduce critical decisions. These tools provide a comprehensive and contemporary practical experience similar to the financial industry. Several refereed journals, like, Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting (JBFA), Journal of Corporate Finance (JCF), Journal of Financial Research (JFR) and Journal of Financial Management (JFM) are used to familiarise students with pioneering research and research led focus, which is largely beneficial for prospective employment and future progression to master’s programme, if students pursue further study.

BA Accounting and Finance has consistently been ranked one of the most sought-after programmes among others with high retention and progression rate. We are proud to say the University of Greenwich has been repeatedly ranked high in the UK for student satisfaction in Accounting and Finance, according to The Complete University Guide. Unistats data for 2013 indicate that almost 90% of students are satisfied with the quality of the programme. The programme is accredited and supported by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The core accounting and finance courses of the programme are exempted for "Credit for Prior Learning" by the ICAEW and under consideration with the ACCA for further exemptions. The ICAEW has also recognized this programme as a partner in learning. The programme has established the strong relationship with the local and regional economy through various means, e.g. Business Project. The placement and employability team encourages the students to participate in different competitions, mentoring schemes and provides forums like Guru Lectures and visits from professional bodies like CIMA to engage students for prospective career choice. PROGRAMME STAT’S: - 92% students find staffs are good at explaining things: 90% Students were satisfied overall: 89% Students agreed staff made the subject interesting. (Source: Unistat’s National Student Survey Results 2013).

Who is this course for?

BA Hons Business Administration with Accounting and Finance programme aims to prepare students for careers in business and management by developing in them, a systematic, broad, analytical and integrated understanding of and capability in key aspects of business with a focus to accounting and finance. The programme specifically studies the organizations along with the management and administration of the changing environment in which organizations operate with particular reference to the knowledge economy and the nature of commerce. Students develop knowledge and understanding to apply, manage and incorporate key aspects of accounting and finance into general management practices. Their core skills and attitude prepare them to pursue a successful career in accounting and financial sectors, at the same time provide them with significant opportunity to achieve multidisciplinary competence. They are able to critically evaluate strategic approaches to financial challenges in organizations and develop critical thinking in corporate financial and/or accounting strategy. They learn how to hedge risk and manage capital, add value to accounting and financial directives of an organization and understand and be able to critically review the impact on organizations of financial, legal and regulatory frameworks and their amendments. They learn to interpret financial data, to derive views on the financial health of a business organization in terms of cash flow, risk, investment in projects and initiatives. Overall they are able to offer a financial perspective on a range of business situations through the application of appropriate theories and financial practices, enhancing their core competence as well as interpersonal, analytical and decision-making skills.

Modular structure

Year 1: Courses delivered over Standard Double term: BUSI1375 Introduction to Business and Management; BUSI1490 Business Project I (Contexts and Frameworks); Courses delivered over term 1: COMP1363 Systems Thinking 1; COMP1539 Information Technology; Courses delivered over term2: BUSI1329 Project Planning; PDP 1. Year 2: Courses delivered over Standard Double term: INDU 1062 People and Organisations; ACCO1139 Accounting and Financial Practice; MARK 1174 Business Project II (Value Chains); Courses delivered over term 1: COMP 1677 Process Simulation and Design; Courses delivered over term2: FINA 1068 Exploiting Capital and Managing Risk. Optional Sandwich Year (Work Placement) Year 3: Courses delivered over Standard Double term: BUSI1319 PPD3 Consultancy Project; ACCO1140 Accounting and Financial Strategy; BUSI1384 Strategic Analysis & Strategic Management; BUSI1380 Developing Quality Products and Services; BUSI1382 Leadership.

Skills and experience gained

The University provides access to books, journals and computer equipment with general software through the libraries across all three campuses. Students can access these no matter where their programme of study is located. Through its portal and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), students have access to timetables, teaching material, electronic journals, emails, as well as general support and advice. These resources, along with the expertise of the teaching staff, are the backbone of the material you will need to engage with to develop as a student in the School of Engineering. The programme of study you will embark on will move you from a student to a professional, with an array of skills, knowledge, and expertise in developing solutions. You will develop as an independent learner, with a vast array of transferable skills, with understanding how to use knowledge and skills in the alternative situation. Students studying in BA Accounting and Finance develop a unique set of analytical and practical skills valued highly by the prospective employers. They are able to undertake critical analysis, independent decision-making and effectively facilitate the communication process. Learning and teaching methods include lectures, tutor-led tutorials; student and tutor-led seminars; self-directed learning, online delivery, refereed journal article examination, case study analysis, business simulations or student self-directed inquiry. A variety of written examinations (seen questions, unseen questions, pre-sighted case study etc), oral presentation, coursework (including group work and individual components), and case study analysis are used to achieve teaching and learning outcomes. The students have knowledge and understanding o Systematic and integrated understanding of the functions and processes of organisations and practices for effective management and administration of organisations making increasing use of accounting and finance practices in adding value.

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Greenwich has scooped top spot in the London league table for student satisfaction, for the second year running. In the latest Sunday Times University Guide league table, published on 12 September, th ... Read More

Greenwich has scooped top spot in the London league table for student satisfaction, for the second year running. In the latest Sunday Times University Guide league table, published on 12 September, the university is ranked 26th for student satisfaction, out of 122 institutions in the UK, putting it ahead of all other universities in the capital. Read less
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