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Bachelor Degree Psychology (B.Sc.)

Learn how the human really works. With the psychology study without NC.

As a result of globalization, our society becomes ever more mobile, different worlds of thinking and value collide and processes become more complex. Psychologists are concerned with the experience and behavior of people in their different circumstances and can use their expertise to explain complex facts, predict them and significantly improve processes with their clients. The specialist knowledge from the psychology study opens up a broad spectrum of activities: training, counseling, diagnostics or prevention and intervention measures, among others in health and social work or in the economy.

University of Applied Sciences Europe more than 10 years of business psychology experience, the University of Applied Sciences Europe is considered a pioneer in private higher education. These experiences also flow into our Bachelor's program Psychology B.Sc. which is offered without NC (Numerus Clausus). The bachelor's degree qualifies you for a master's degree in various areas of application, such as clinical psychology or business psychology.

In the Bachelor's degree program in Psychology, you will only learn from renowned lecturers from science and practice who have expertise in areas such as clinical psychology, occupational psychology or business psychology. In addition, you can actively shape your studies and your career path through individually selectable specializations and an interdisciplinary selection of subjects. Our teaching focuses on your individual support in small learning groups and a friendly, family atmosphere. A multitude of practical projects with top partners and a coached internship complete the study program and prepare you perfectly for the job market of tomorrow.

Our curriculum is based on the requirements of the EuroPsy (certification system of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations, EFPA). This allows you - after undergoing various vocational training measures, of which the study is one - to acquire the EuroPsy certificate later on, which certifies you with corresponding specialist competences throughout Europe.


  • Early Bird: Apply until June 30 and get a 10% discount on the first semester in WS19.
  • Degree Program: Psychology (B.Sc.)
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Possible study locations: Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn (NRW)
  • Entry requirement: Without NC
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Duration of study: 6 semesters
  • Practical phase: 3-month practice phase in the 6th semester
  • Beginning of the semester:
    • Winter semester: September
    • Summer semester: March
  • Credit Points: 180 ECTS
  • Deepening options:
  • Clinical Psychology or Health Psychology
  • Business Psychology
  • Focus of study:
  • Teaching by renowned lecturers from science and practice. Optimal career opportunities through freely selectable specializations, coached internship and practical projects. Focus on individual support in small learning groups and a family atmosphere.
  • Study Fees:
  • For EU applicants: € 8,940 annually
  • For non-EU applicants: € 11,340 annually

The special thing about studying at the University of Applied Sciences Europe

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe study NC-free and in small seminar groups. We guarantee individual support and enable personal contact with the professors. All our teachers are business experts whose network in the industry can benefit you.

The large selection of subjects allows you to define and expand your majors. As a particularly practice-oriented university, we guarantee state-of-the-art equipment such as video projectors in all rooms or MacPools. An internship and / or a semester abroad are integrated into the study program.

The University of Applied Sciences Europe is accredited by the state, has received numerous awards and is one of the TOP 10 universities in Germany in the field of business administration in the quality of teaching (U-Multirank 2018).

Course contents - Seminars, practice, semester abroad and more

We teach you the relevant psychological foundations and methods in the areas of general and biological psychology, social, personality and developmental psychology and connect application-related topics with the teaching of research knowledge (including the implementation of own research projects in practical projects).

In addition, specialist knowledge in the fields of business psychology, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, occupational and organizational psychology and market and advertising psychology is imparted in the various specialist subjects.

The connection between theory and practice is close to our hearts and we impart this through practice-oriented teaching with case studies, experienced lecturers and an integrated coached internship in the 6th semester. This allows you to optimally qualify for the different fields of activity according to your individual interests.

Study Psychology and Career

After studying psychology, you will find career prospects as a certified psychologist in the following areas:

  • rehabilitation Psychology
  • Advice (including parenting, life coaching, marriage counseling)
  • Activities in social institutions (including social-therapeutic facilities, street workers, addiction counseling)
  • Activities that relate to the diagnosis and counseling of mental disorders, but not on the psychotherapy itself (including in clinics, counseling, etc.)
  • Occupational health management, human resources and market and opinion research

Application for a psychology degree

Apply now for the study of psychology without NC at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin, Hamburg or Iserlohn (North Rhine-Westphalia) - even if you only want to start studying in one year.

Attention: Non-native speakers need a German language diploma with at least level 2 (C1).

Please submit the required documents online.

Your path to undergraduate studies at the University of Applied Sciences Europe

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe , students rank as individuals first. We inform our applicants in detail and find out in an intensive selection process who really suits us. Only in this way can we guarantee the basis of trust that is crucial for the success of a degree program. We want to stand with conviction behind you and your career - And you should be just as safe.

You can apply one year in advance for the desired semester start with us. The application deadline for the winter semester is August 15 (non-EU applicants: June 15) and for the summer semester February 28 (non-EU applicants: February 28) . Following this, there is a follow-up procedure for unrecognized study places. If you already have a valid student visa for Germany, you can apply within the official application deadline.

By the way: You can also take the entrance exam without a high school diploma and one year before your planned start of studies. It gives you the certainty of whether or not you can study at the University of Applied Sciences Europe .

We look forward to receiving your application for the summer and winter semester 2019 and beyond.


The following requirements apply to the beginning of a Bachelor's degree program:

  • Applications can be submitted by 15 August (non-EU applicants: 15 June) or by 28 February (non-EU applicants: 28 February)
  • General higher education entrance qualification and / or Fachhochschulreife incl. Practical part *
  • Successful admission procedure
  • Personal interview
  • Well-founded English and German skills at B2 level

There is no restriction by an NC (Numerus clausus).

* In exceptional cases, a study is also possible without the general (Fach-) Hochschulreife. For this purpose, a completed vocational training, at least two years of professional experience in a professional vocational training as well as the enrollment in a subject-related study are necessary.

Benefits in programs of study at other state or state recognized higher education institutions as well as extra-curricular achievements are recognized on application, provided that their equivalence with the achievements in the respective study course is established. Equivalence shall be established where no material difference can be demonstrated and the performance in terms of content, scope and requirements of the study program for which credit is requested is substantially the same. Responsible for this is the examination board. The concrete conditions for crediting and the exact procedure for this are regulated in the relevant examination regulations for the study program.

registration procedures

For a complete application, we require you to fill out the online application form, a CV, a letter of motivation (at least one DIN A4 page in German) as well as your Abitur or Fachabitur certificate. All documents can also be submitted online. If you do not yet have a current high school diploma, please submit the most recent certificate from the upper secondary school. The members of our selection committee agree on their suitability. Then you complete an online admission test. Should this be positive, we invite you to the selection interview. You will receive a confirmation shortly if you will get a study place.

Tips for motivational writing

The safe use of the German language is the basis for a successful study. Therefore, the letter of motivation also serves, among other things, to give us an idea of your language skills in advance. Describe us on one to one-and-a-half A4 pages (Arial font, font size 12, single-spaced), what interests you in your chosen study, why you would like to study at the University of Applied Sciences Europe , and what your expectations are. You should not withhold any characteristic peculiarities or inspiring experiences from already completed internships in your letter of motivation.

additional Information

For more information on the admission procedure, see the Admissions and Registration Regulations of the University of Applied Sciences Europe .

The application can also be completed online.

Admission test and selection interview

The entrance test includes:

English test

The English language test is done online and consists of a variety of tasks that are focused on grammar, spelling and vocabulary skills.

If grammatical or linguistic deficits are revealed, we may recommend that you attend our pre-courses in English prior to beginning your studies.

performance test

The performance test is comparable to an IQ test. In a total of 105 minutes, multiple-choice speech, mathematical and spatial intelligence are tested. In the linguistic field, it is important to find additions of sentences, analogies or similarities of concepts.

The mathematical abilities are queried by simple arithmetic tasks, which can be solved by "lubrication sheets". Counting fractions, completing number series, completing arithmetic symbols must be carried out under time pressure.

Detecting surface models of cubes, forming triangles or circles, discovering groups with identical patterns are the tasks with which the figural spatial intelligence is determined.

personality test

The personality test provides information about the individual achievement motivation. Examining behavior in different professional or private situations provides insight into personality traits that are grouped into a "measure of determination of job-related achievement motivation". Some applicants recognize personal strengths and weaknesses that often make them think.

admission interview

Following the tests, a concluding conversation with one of our professors or their representative will follow on the same day. In it, we first explain the evaluations of the tests and, if necessary, tell you which requirements you still have to fulfill before starting your studies.

Furthermore, we will discuss your individual expectations of the study and your goals afterwards. You will also learn how we work, what is important to us and what we expect from our future students. The demands placed on our future students are high - we attach particular importance to analytical thinking, social competence, oral expressiveness as well as goal orientation and resilience. We do not want to intimidate or overwhelm you - on the contrary! Show us who you are! Honesty and openness are more effective than general phrases or a played dynamics.

Math Foundation Course

Mathematics is not necessarily one of the most popular subjects and many things seem unimportant to other challenges in lower and middle grades. However, some core elements are important for a degree-based study. Elementary knowledge of the lower and intermediate level as well as economic applications of the upper level topics are discussed during our preliminary course.

We offer you mathematics pre-courses in Hamburg and Iserlohn.

Please bring along calculator, writing pad and pen. The number of participants is at least 10 and is limited to 30 places. The fee is 145 € per course.


The course will take place from 4 March to 8 March 2019 from 9 am to 1:30 pm on the Hamburg campus.

For registration or more information, please contact studentservice.hamburg@ue-germany.de by e-mail or call 040 181 399 2119.


The course takes place from September 2 to September 13, 2019, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Campus Iserlohn.

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