B.S. in Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Program Description

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is proud to introduce our Bachelor of Science degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (U.A.S.). This exciting new degree has evolved into one of the most hands-on degree programs offered at E.R.A.U. Prescott and prepares graduates to enter a rapidly growing and changing industry. The Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) predicts that the fleet of commercial small U.A.S.s in the United States will approach 550,000 by the year 2020. Consequently, tens of thousands of U.A.S. professionals will be needed who are capable of safely planning and executing U.A.S. missions and effectively delivering the end products to their customers.

Focusing on commercial and civil applications, the U.A.S. degree empowers graduates to meet current and future employment demands. The degree qualifies students from all nationalities as subject matter experts in data collection, retrieval, editing, display, and delivery. For example, refer to the video on this page which shows a three-dimensional model of the E.R.A.U. Hazy Library created using our U.A.S. equipment and software. Models such as these are very useful for a variety of industries because they enable the calculation of important surveying parameters such as surface area, volume, height, width, coordinates, etc.

Through supporting coursework, U.A.S. majors also gain a broad understanding of business, aviation regulations, technology, meteorology, and security issues associated with the industry. All students in the U.A.S. program train at our on-campus airfield and are licensed as operators by E.R.A.U. U.A.S. flight instructors. They earn their F.A.A. Remote Pilot-In-Command (R.P.I.C.) certificate. They learn to fly a variety of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing U.A.S.s and learn to use a variety of useful software suites. Moreover, the U.A.S. program is working with several local commercial partners to enable students to obtain hands-on experience planning and executing actual U.A.S. missions. Enroll in our U.A.S. program and help shape a new and evolving industry!

The Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems degree is housed in the Department of Applied Aviation Sciences in the College of Aviation.

Admission Requirements

Students entering this program should have a basic background in math and physics. Students wishing to strengthen their background in math and the basic sciences before enrolling in the prescribed courses should contact the department chair or the program coordinator for guidance.

It is recommended that students in this program earn at least a sport or private pilot certificate in order to place themselves in a more favorable position for employment in the U.A.S. industry. Students should also become members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (A.M.A.).

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems may be attained in eight semesters. To earn the degree, successful completion of 120 credit hours is required. Students pursuing the Unmanned Aircraft Systems degree will select either a flight minor, the Technical Operations Track or the Applications Track after matriculation. All students must complete the General Education Core, the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Core and the courses required to complete a flight minor or one of the specialization tracks in order to complete the requirements for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems degree.

Last updated May 2019

About the School

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's western campus is located in Prescott, AZ, north of Phoenix and a day trip away from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and picturesque Sedona.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's western campus is located in Prescott, AZ, north of Phoenix and a day trip away from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and picturesque Sedona. Read less