The Bachelor of Science degree in Global Security and Intelligence Studies (G.S.I.S.) is designed to develop future security and intelligence professionals with a broad understanding of global interrelationships in politics, law, government, economics, social change, science and technology, military developments, psychological dimensions of military and terrorist threats, cyber-security, environmental security issues, and human cultures. The program will explore the implications of these multiple factors to the security of nation-states and the future of human society in a global context.

The program provides the student with the interdisciplinary skills to analyze the interactions between all these elements and to communicate their ideas effectively in both written and oral contexts. Above all, G.S.I.S. students will be able to exhibit innovative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in issues such as terrorism and asymmetrical warfare, transportation (especially aviation and aerospace) security, threats to corporate personnel and facilities, threats to computer and telecommunications infrastructure, trafficking networks in illicit services and substances, proscribed weapons technologies such as weapons of mass destruction, international crime, population migrations, natural disasters, pandemics, and homeland security.

Global Security and Intelligence Studies students will be very competitive in obtaining positions and performing

  1. with federal government intelligence, security, law enforcement and emergency management agencies
  2. with the Department of Defense and the armed services
  3. with security, competitive intelligence and information protection departments in the private sector especially those involved in aviation and transportation security
  4. with state, county and local homeland security, law enforcement and emergency management organizations
  5. as students in graduate schools focusing on intelligence and national security, international relations, regional studies
  6. as students in law schools
  7. as staffers for political leaders and legislative representatives specializing in national intelligence and security issues.

Three Degree Tracks

The G.S.I.S. degree program provides the student with three curricular tracks: the Standard track, the Security Operations Management track, and the Chinese track.

Students who take the Standard track are required to demonstrate oral and reading competency in a language other than English, or by taking 12 credits of college-level foreign language courses in one language.

The Security Operations and Management track is geared toward those interested in a career in security and protection; either in private industry or with a governmental security and intelligence agency. Course requirements for this track include 12 hours of foreign language, general education courses, G.S.I.S. core classes, and 33 credits in specialty courses.

Students who take the Chinese track will take the same subject area courses and the same number of credits as those in the Standard or Security Operations Management tracks. The overall difference is that, in the Chinese track, students will take 45 credits in courses that will be entirely in Chinese or have a significant Chinese component with supplementary reading and writing assignments in English, rather than the 12 credits in a foreign language required by the other two tracks. The Chinese track is not open to native speakers of Chinese. The 45 credits include the 12 required foreign language credits for the Standard track, the nine credits in the Chinese Minor, and 24 additional credits that will be offered by teaching content courses in Mandarin Chinese with supplementary reading and writing assignments in English. Study abroad in the summer of the sophomore year is required for Chinese track students.

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Sept. 2019
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