B.S. in Global Business


Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Global Business degree leverages successful business, language, and cultural courses within an experiential learning environment.

Designed for students who want a strong business foundation taught by globally aware faculty, the BS/BG degree equips students for future success in international business. This degree program reflects the ever-changing and demanding global environment of business, government, and the aviation industry. The curriculum is focused on emerging markets and designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills essential to their successful entry into global business and society. Emphasis is placed on global awareness, cross-cultural literacy, effective communications, quantitative skills, social responsibility, information technology, critical thinking skills, teamwork, business functional skills, aviation/aerospace industry familiarity, and commitment to "lifelong" learning.

International cultures are studied with a focus on emerging markets and with an emphasis on global business practices, strategies, and values. Students complete a rigorous global business core along with a rich general education foundation. BS/GB Areas of Concentration include: Language and Culture (Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish) or Aviation and Aerospace.

Active business/aviation related clubs on campus include Phi Beta Lambda (a business-focused organization providing students an opportunity to travel to state and national leadership conferences for participation in competitive events), the American Association of Airport Executives (an aviation management-focused association, with prior travel to Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, and Hong Kong), and the Aviation Business Networking Club (an organization for personal and professional development and networking).

Our students are encouraged to think beyond traditional academic boundaries and seek workplace and cultural experiences that will enrich and enlighten them on the evolving workplace and the global business environment. Unique internships and cooperative educational experiences are available and encouraged, with staff assigned to assist students in position identification and placement. Numerous summer-abroad experiences are available for students wishing to increase their international perspectives. Previous summer-abroad academic programs have been offered in Paris, London, Italy, Poland, China, Germany, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and Singapore.

A Business Industry Advisory Board provides guidance on the needs of business, government, and the aviation industry. Department-sponsored tutoring and labs are available.

Dedicated faculty advisors assist GB students in evaluating the many opportunities available to them in this program. Some courses may require prerequisite subject knowledge or particular class standing. Course descriptions, included in this catalog, should be reviewed prior to registering for classes, to ensure proper placement.

Degree Requirements

The BS/BG degree requires successful completion of a minimum of 120 credit hours and is normally completed in eight semesters. Students may select an Area of Concentration in Aviation and Aerospace or Language and culture with tracks in Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. Students should declare their Area of Concentration at the beginning of their sophomore year. Students who participate in the Cooperative Education program may substitute up to 3 credit hours, if approved, toward the specified courses required in their Area of Concentration. Students enrolled in the Air Force or Army ROTC program may substitute AF or MSL courses for the open elective courses.

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott Department of Business is a member of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (A.C.B.S.P.) and is in candidacy for accreditation. In order to be awarded a BS/GB degree, a student is required to complete a minimum of 80% of the business core and area of concentration in residence or transfer those credits from institutions approved by the Department Chair. The only business degrees that can be declared simultaneously are BS/BA or BS/ABA with BS/GB Language and Culture AOC.

Last updated May 2019

About the School

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's western campus is located in Prescott, AZ, north of Phoenix and a day trip away from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and picturesque Sedona.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's western campus is located in Prescott, AZ, north of Phoenix and a day trip away from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and picturesque Sedona. Read less