Computational Science is a modern interdisciplinary field that focuses on solving scientific problems computationally. It combines advanced methods and tools from applied mathematics and computer science to study real-world scientific problems, often by using computer simulations and modeling. Students interested in becoming computational scientists can start off on the right foot at Siena College.

Program Highlights

  • Only a handful of colleges in the United States offer a major/minor in computational science at the undergraduate level.
  • Students acquire skills in the areas of programming, simulation and modeling, numerical methods and applied mathematics, computer visualization techniques, computational tools and applications to natural sciences and technical communication.
  • Access to the High-Performance Computing Cluster, allowing students to perform cutting-edge computational research.
  • The computational science program is highly interdisciplinary, combining mathematics, physics, computer science and applied computational techniques.
  • The presence of large nanotech and biotech companies in the Capital Region puts Siena’s graduates in an excellent position when looking for jobs, entering careers in industry or government labs or pursuing graduate studies.

Requirements for the Major (73 credits)

  • CSIS110 - Intro to Computer Science 3 credits
  • CSIS120 - Intro to Programming 4 credits
  • CSIS210 - Data Structures 3 credits
  • CSIS310 - Numerical Methods 3 credits
  • CSIS385 - Design+Analysis of Algorithm 3 credits
  • MATH110 - Calculus I 4 credits
  • MATH120 - Calculus II 4 credits
  • MATH210 - Calculus III 4 credits
  • MATH230 - Linear Algebra 3 credits
  • MATH240 - Intro to Computer Algebra 3 credits
  • MATH250 - Discrete Structures 4 credits
  • MATH380 - Differential Equations 3 credits
  • PHYS130 - General Physics I 4 credits
  • PHYS140 - General Physics II 4 credits
  • PHYS222 - Modern Physics 3 credits
  • PHYS250 - Intro to Computational Physics 3 credits
  • PHYS310 - Mechanics I 4 credits
  • PHYS350 - Simulation and Modeling 3 credits
  • SCDV230 - Electronic Instrumentation 4 credits

Students may choose two courses (6 credits) from the following:

  • CSIS225 - Object-Oriented Des and Prog 3 credits
  • CSIS380 - Computer Graphics 3 credits
  • CSIS400 - Adv Topics in Computer Science 1 TO 3 credits

Students may choose one course (3 credits) from the following:

  • CSIS499 - Independent Study in Comp Sci 1 TO 3 credits
  • MATH499 - Independent Study in Math 1 TO 3 credits
  • PHYS470 - Advanced Laboratory I 1 TO 3 credits
  • SCDV480 - Internship in Science 1 TO 3 credits


Computational Science students are well-prepared for graduate studies at prestigious universities or for careers in information technology, high-tech manufacturing, engineering design, computational physics, computational biology, computational chemistry, computational finance and computer graphics.

Program taught in:
  • English

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