B.Eng. Civil Engineering (CE)


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Program Description

Curriculum Outline

The Civil Engineering Program aims to produce graduates with sufficient fundamental knowledge in broad fields, and at the same time with strong knowledge in a specific area. This will enable graduates to serve the industrial sectors in Thailand where the need for specialists is increasing day by day.

The curriculum gives emphasis to various major fields of civil engineering, which includes 1) structural engineering, 2) concrete engineering, 3) soil and foundation engineering, 4) water resources engineering, and 5) transportation engineering.

The total credits for major engineering subjects are uniformly distributed to all five major fields, except for the field of structural engineering, which has a slightly larger number of credits.

Further specialization can be achieved through the elective courses and the project. A practical training course is also provided to let students have a chance to practice civil engineering during their studies. In the practical training course, students will be placed in organizations that are related to their specialty in order to provide them with some practical experiences in their specialized field. In this curriculum, it is possible for students to study their elective courses at other universities, including foreign universities, as exchange students during the final semester. With special arrangements, it will also be possible for students to have thorough practical training during the final semester.

Structure and Components

  1. General Basic Courses - 30 Credits
  2. Major Courses - 114 Credits
  3. Free Elective Courses - 6 Credits

Total: 150 Credits

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

If your dream is to study in an international program in Engineering, Technology, or Management, SIIT is the best choice for your study and your future. Whether you plan to continue your graduate study in Thailand or abroad or to work in international organizations, you will be able to achieve your goals with the fully qualified full-time professors at SIIT. For more than 20 years, SIIT has not only produced highly qualified graduates, it also has continuously published the highest number of research papers per faculty member in the country.

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, was established in 1992 in cooperation with Thammasat University, the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (KEIDANREN), and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). SIIT’s objectives are to produce highly qualified engineers and technologists, who are competent in advanced technology, proficient in English communication, and able to manage and carry out research in engineering and technology.

Our graduates have worked in multinational and global companies both in the private and public sectors. Those who have chosen to pursue further studies have been admitted into leading universities all over the world. 

The Agreement of Admission to Major Academic Program

There are 3 fields of studies:

  • Engineering: Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical  Engineering, and Industrial Engineering and Logistics Systems.
  • Computer Engineering and Digital Engineering.
  • Management: Management Technology and Engineering Management.

All students will apply for the selection of their Major Academic Programs at the end of the first year. Successful admission to a desired major depends on a student’s grade-point average at the end of the first Academic Year, as well as the demand for the chosen program. Priority for selection will be given to students whose selection is within the field of their choice indicated at the time of admission to SIIT.

Estimated Expenses for the Bachelor’s Degree at SIIT

First semester (August-December) and Second semester (January-May)


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