B.A. in Sustainable Community Development

Toccoa Falls College

Program Description

B.A. in Sustainable Community Development

Toccoa Falls College

The Global Ministries Department (G.M.D.) at Toccoa Falls College offers a major in Sustainable Community Development (S.C.D.). Sustainable development is a global priority. Sustainability means meeting present F without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. “Think Global, Act Local” reflects the pragmatic conviction that sustainable development must be a community activity.

Students gain practical skills at the S.C.D. farm where theory becomes practice as they compost, amend soil, select seeds, raise plants, care for animals, and gain hands-on experience in food production through Applied Technologies courses.

The G.M.D. believes the church is most effective when it communicates the good news clearly and demonstrates the impact of that good news in the local community. Christians should be strategic participants in the planning and implementing of sustainable development in their local community. The S.C.D. major is housed in the Global Ministries Department because it addresses a global problem and does so as part of fulfilling God’s desire to take His good news to all nations.

General Education – 70 hours

Bible & Theology – 30 hours

  • BIB 213 Hermeneutics
  • BSF 103 Foundations for Spiritual Formation
  • NTE 103 Introduction to the New Testament
  • NTE ___ New Testament Elective
  • OTE 103 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • OTE ___ Old Testament Elective
  • THE 303 Introduction to Theology
  • 3 hours of Theology Elective
  • 6 hours of Bible/Theology Elective

Humanities – 15 hours

  • COM 113 Introduction to Communication
  • ENG 113 Freshman Composition I
  • ENG 123 Freshman Composition II
  • HUM 103 Western Thought & Culture
  • PHY 113 Introduction to Philosophy or Language*
  • 3 hours 200- or 300-level Literature Elective from AML or ENG except ENG 201, 243, 393

*Global Ministries Department highly recommends its students take at least one semester of a language; however, students with TESOL Minor must elect SPN 113 or FRN 113.

Social Sciences – 15 hours

  • ANT 203 Cultural Anthropology
  • ECO 213 Microeconomics
  • ICS 323 World Religions
  • PSY 113 General Psychology
  • 3 hours History Elective

Computer, Science & Mathematics – 10 hours

  • BIO 104 General Biology
  • SCI 243 Earth Science
  • 3 hours Mathematics Elective

Major – 42 hours

Anthropology & Cross-cultural Core (18 hours)

  • ANT 213 Introduction to Sustainable Development
  • ANT 323 Applied Ethnography
  • ANT 363 Religious Belief Systems
  • ANT 483 Anthropology Research Project
  • ICS 113 Gifts, Guidance, & Goals
  • ICS 463 Strategy of Missions

Biology & Economic Core (9 hours)

  • BIO 323 Introduction to Global Public Health
  • BIO 423 Ecology
  • ECO 223 Macroeconomics

Sustainable Community Development Core (15 hours)

  • S.C.D. 302 Applied Technology I
  • S.C.D. 312 Applied Technology II
  • S.C.D. 352 Sustainable Community Development Internship
  • S.C.D. 493 Sustainable Community Development Strategy Project
  • 6 hours Sustainable Community Development Elective

Minor or Open Electives – 15 hours

Total = 127 hours

Entry Requirements

Standardized Testing

TFC requires all students who have attempted less than 12 college-level credits to take the Scholastic Achievement Test (S.A.T.) or the American College Test (A.C.T.) as part of the admissions process. Students should arrange to have scores sent directly from the testing agencies to the Office of Admissions at TFC. The college will also accept scores reported on official high school transcripts.

Students can find information on the S.A.T. at www.collegeboard.com. The S.A.T. school code for TFC is 5799. Students can find information on the A.C.T. at www.act.org. The A.C.T. school code for TFC is 0868.

High School Curriculum

TFC recommends that students complete the following high school coursework in preparation for study at the college level:

  • 4 courses in English (Grammar, American Literature, World Literature, Advanced Composition)
  • 3 courses in Math (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry)
  • 3 courses in Natural Science
  • 3 courses in Social Studies (US History, World History, Government)
  • 6 additional units in academic study

Students should select additional units from English, Math, Natural Science, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, Physical Education, or Computer Technology.


TFC evaluates each student’s academic preparedness as part of the admissions file. The college requires each student to graduate from a high school program or to have verification of results of the General Educational Development test. Students are evaluated for admission based on a variety of factors including high school grade point average, S.A.T. or A.C.T. test scores, and references. In addition, the college reserves the right to request additional references, essays or personal interviews prior to making an admissions decision.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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USA - Toccoa Falls, Georgia
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Sept. 2018
USA - Toccoa Falls, Georgia
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