B.A. in Spanish


Program Description

A major or minor in Spanish opens the door to Hispanic and Spanish cultures, incredible travel experiences, and a language spoken by 400 million people in the world. Speaking Spanish is a marketable skill valued by employers. It creates possibilities for interacting with others in many environments such as business, healthcare and education.

Program Highlights

  • Service learning opportunities: students have worked with local reading programs, pre-K schools and numerous nonprofit organizations that serve local immigrant populations.
  • Class excursions to places such as the Williams College Museum of Art and Repertorio Español, a theater company in New York City.
  • Travel courses to Mexico and Spain allow students to experience what they learn in the classroom firsthand.
  • Students regularly meet and interact with invited scholars, authors and filmmakers from the Spanish-speaking world. Notable speakers include author Julia Alvarez, filmmakers Francesco Taboada Tabone and Juan Carlos Zaldívar, and Eduardo González, a scholar of Transitional Justice.
  • Film screenings and regular tertulias are held by the Spanish Club.
  • Opportunities for research on topics ranging from literary works to artistic movements and medical terminology
  • Multiple study abroad programs allow our students to grow in their Spanish-speaking skills and return even more excited to study Spanish.
  • A Facebook page, SpanishatSiena, keeps students informed of local and campus events, as well as job opportunities.

Requirements for the Major (33 credits)

  • SPAN301 - Communication in Spanish I 3 credits
  • SPAN302 - Communication in Spanish II 3 credits
  • SPAN320 - Intro to Hispanic Literature 3 credits
  • SPAN340 - Advanced Grammar 3 credits
  • SPAN350 - Spanish Civilization 3 credits


  • SPAN360 - Spanish American Civilization 3 credits

One course which is SPAN 400 or higher and has a SPUL attribute.
One course which is SPAN 400 level or higher

  • Either SPAN 400 or SPAN with the SPUL attribute must be taken at Siena.

Spanish Electives (12 credits)
Courses below Spanish 201 cannot count in the major.
A study abroad experience is strongly advised (preferably a minimum of one semester during the junior year). Courses taken abroad may count toward the major.

Skills Developed

  • Ability to communicate in Spanish with confidence.
  • General knowledge of key elements of the Spanish language (geography, family life, educational system, etc.)
  • Awareness of key historic events related to the Spanish language.
  • Ability to interpret texts linguistically and stylistically.
  • Ability to analyze authentic cultural materials such as literary pieces, news broadcasts and films.
  • Critical thinking by making intercultural connections, as well as comparing and contrasting cultures.
  • Spanish writing skills for social, academic and professional purposes.


Spanish graduates are employed as elementary and secondary school teachers, writers, editors, legal aids and English teachers abroad, as well as in medical professions, travel businesses, study abroad offices and programs such as AmeriCorps and Teach for America. Many pursue graduate studies in Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies, English as a Second Language and TESOL programs.

Employers of our Graduates

  • Albany Academies and a number of other elementary, middle and high schools
  • North American Language and Cultural Assistants program sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  • Fulbright Program
  • The College of Saint Rose
  • Graduate Programs at multiple universities as Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • FlipKey (A division of TripAdvisor)
  • AmeriCorps
  • Teach for America
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