B.A. in International Relations

This Bachelor of Arts program enables students to fully experience the cultural dynamism of Central Europe. Students can expect to gain a solid background in international relations and political theory, history, philosophy, nationalism or security.

The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations is a three-year undergraduate program offering a modern and interdisciplinary education in international relations. The program builds on knowledge of theoretical and philosophical concepts across historical contexts helping students better understand politics internationally as well as domestically. The curriculum offers a balanced mix of courses on political and international relations theory, economy, philosophy and history which provide students with a solid knowledge base for their further specialization in required and elective courses dedicated to international security, foreign policy or European integration. The curriculum is complemented by a range of skills-oriented courses on writing, research or classes increasing student’s proficiency in languages other than English.

Upon completion, our students acquire the ability to critically examine and address the international/intercultural challenges of our time, such as global inequalities, economic dependency, conflict and security, or globalization including the evolving roles of organizations such as the United Nations, NATO and the European Union.

The B.A. in International Relations program at Anglo-American University is delivered by a faculty of experts from all over the world. They bring to the classroom the highest qualifications and professional experience.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the B.A. in International Relations can expect to:

  • Demonstrate an actionable knowledge and understanding of world politics and events, and competently identify trends in social and political movement
  • Confidently articulate and express specific issues in international relations, such as security, conflict resolution, human rights, and culture in advanced English in writing and public speaking
  • Have basic fluency in French, German, or Russian language
  • Uphold civic responsibility, identify ethical problems, and resourcefully structure debate with respect to civil society, colleagues, and opponents

Practical Learning

The B.A. in International Relations is a full-time study program. Study and advancement is based on classroom lectures and interactive exercises. Attendance and participation are mandatory.

Full-time: Study and advancement are based on classroom lectures and interactive exercises. Attendance and participation are mandatory.

  • 7 class hours = 1 ECTS credit
  • 42 hours = 6 ECTS/3 US credits

Degree Awarded

Having completed all program requirements, students are conferred a Bachelors degree. The degree awarded is concurrently recognized as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in the United States, per A.A.U.'s accreditation by the W.A.S.C. Senior College and University Commission, and as a Bakalář (Bc.) accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. Graduates may select whether to use the U.S. post-nominal or the Czech title.

Career Prospects

Our graduates are prepared for success in cultural management, reporting, or diplomacy, humanitarian government and nonprofit organizations, education, social research and publishing, and various forms of print and web media. Our graduates are able to decisively practice their skills in intercultural communication, psychology, and sociological concepts in any field they choose to pursue.

Our graduates are able to communicate professionally, decisively and strategically in verbal and written English. Our graduates are able to identify, describe and discuss complex topics for international audiences.

Access to Master’s Studies

A.A.U. graduates are sought after in master’s programs at private and public universities in the Czech Republic, other EU countries, the United States, Canada and many other countries around the world.

Program Required Courses

  • POS 101 Politics
  • I. POS 102 Politics II.
  • SOC 100 Intro to Sociology or Social Psychology, or Social Anthropology
  • IRS 100 History of the Cold War POS 201 Political Philosophy I.
  • IRS 200 Introduction to International Relations
  • POS 204 Nations and Nationalism
  • POS 202 Political Philosophy II.
  • POS 230 Political Economy
  • POS 240 Social Sciences Research Methods
  • IRS 221 Contemporary Europe: History of European Integration
  • IRS 222 Contemporary Issues in International Relations French I., German I., Spanish I., or Russian I. French II., German II., Spanish II., or Russian II.
  • IRS 300 European Union: Policies and current issues
  • IRS 301 Global Security
  • POS 340 Thesis seminar
  • POS 345 Thesis
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Anglo-American University

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