Do You Have a Disability? Read This Before You Get to Campus
July 18, 2017

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) offers protection to people with disabilities but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges along the way. Here’s a closer look at five things all students with disabilities can do to set themselves up for college success.

7 Television-Inspired Careers for Your Summer Binge
July 14, 2017
Need a career?  Need a path?  Watch some television.  If these seven television shows don’t kickstart your career choices, we don’t know what will.  Let’s take a closer look.

Why Do We Call Them Community Colleges?
July 11, 2017
Community colleges.  What are they and how do they work?  And why do we call them community colleges?  Let’s take a closer look at these higher education institutions that offer lots of flexibility and lots of options for just about everybody.

What's in a Name: The 411 on Country Names for International Students
July 7, 2017
Many countries have confusing names -- which can be perplexing to international students thinking of studying in them. Here’s a quick primer on six of the more complicated country names, along with how to get them right.

Five Things to Expect During Your College Search
July 5, 2017
A lot has been written about the logistical steps involved in applying for a college. A lot has also been written about how to choose the right one. And, finally, a lot has been written about what to expect when you get there. But what about what happens before all of that -- during the actual searc...

Five Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget
July 3, 2017
Eating healthy on a budget is a challenge for anyone. Eating healthy on a budget as a student, however, can seem like an impossible feat. After all, with limited time to attend class, study, socialize, work, travel, and exercise and even more limited funds with which to do it all, many students end ...

Five Must-Dos for Managing Your Finances in College
June 23, 2017
Many college students find themselves tackling invaluable life skills for the very first time when they head off to college. From keeping your gas tank filled to separating the whites from the brights (unless you like an all-pink wardrobe, that is), it’s a lot to take in -- particularly if you...

Five Things Worth Learning Outside the College Classroom
June 20, 2017
Just because universities are bastions of knowledge doesn’t mean you can learn everything you need to know in life inside a classroom. In fact, some things you just have to figure out on your own. Read on for a roundup of five things worth knowing -- even if your college doesn’t offer a ...

Five Tips to Conquer Loneliness While Studying Abroad
June 16, 2017
Nearly every student who has ever studied abroad will tell you what an unbelievable, amazing, and life-changing experience it is. One word they may leave off the list when they’re finally back home buzzing over all the unforgettable things they learned, ate, saw, did and so on?  “Lo...

6 College Essay Don’ts
June 14, 2017
Writing your college essay?  Take a look at our list of 6 things you should definitely avoid.  You’ll be glad you did.


March 19, 2018

Most people think of video games as a way to kick back, relax and have fun in their extracurricular hours. However, Chinese universities are also bank...

March 16, 2018

The thought of cozying up with a good book is a relaxing one for many busy students. However, the majority of Japanese university students do not read...

March 12, 2018

China’s “belt and road initiative” is a massive infrastructure and development campaign through which China aims to stimulate trade and economic...