Five Signs that a University is International Student-Friendly
December 27, 2016

More and more universities are rolling out the welcome mat when it comes to admitting international students, but how many of them devote equal attention to helping foreign students thrive once they arrive on campus? Let’s count down five ways to tell if a university is truly international student-friendly.

Should You Study Liberal Arts in Europe?
December 21, 2016
Considering whether or not to pursue studies abroad is a significant decision all by itself. But when you introduce additional considerations like what to study and where to go, the options can quickly become overwhelming. For students interested in a liberal arts education, however, there is one de...

Should You Publish As An Undergraduate?
December 20, 2016
Publish?  Perish?  Prosper?  Is it wise to publish as an undergraduate?  Will it affect your chances of getting into a PhD program?  Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of publishing as an undergraduate—and what it could mean for your academic career.&n...

4 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Become a Teacher
December 13, 2016
The BBC recently reported the story of Lucy Kellaway, a former-Financial Times columnist who is in the process of “ditching the newsroom for the classroom.” At age 57, Ms. Kellaway is just one of many people all over the world who are realizing their career goals later than most, but don...

How to do Research as an Undergraduate
December 6, 2016
In the academically competitive world of research, you might not see how you—as an undergraduate student—can compete.  But you can—and should.  Let’s take a closer look at how to get involved in research as an undergraduate. 

Want to be a better student? Find a hobby.
November 22, 2016
Learning happens when you push yourself to try new things.  Think about something in a new way.  Talk to someone you might not otherwise meet.   From tap-dancing to knitting, check out these six possibilities for hobbies that we think will make you a better student—and a be...

Social Media Do's and Don'ts for College Applicants
November 15, 2016
Think only your friends are looking at your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat posts? Think again. According to the results of a recent survey from Kaplan Test Prep, a whopping 40 percent of college admissions officers admit to checking out candidates’ social media profiles. Ev...

5 Strategies to Beat the Winter Depression
November 8, 2016
As winter dawns in the northern hemisphere, approximately 5 percent of the population will suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and as many as 20 percent will experience the Winter Blues.  Those living at higher latitudes—women and young people especially—are particularly vulner...

How to Find Scholarships to Study Abroad in Europe
November 1, 2016
Finding scholarships in your own country can be challenging enough, but what about when you’re looking for financial support to study abroad? Today, we’re kicking off a monthly series aimed at helping our readers gain access to the information, access and help they need to pursue their i...

Why You Should Study at “New” Universities
October 25, 2016
“New” things are always pretty special.  The crack of a new book, the squeak of a new pair of sneakers, your first new car, a new computer for school…   Learn more about the world’s “it” universities—“new” ones—founded in th...


January 15, 2019

Early this fall, US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos declared that the US is embroiled in “a crisis in higher education” due to the rising cost ...

January 10, 2019

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