Do You Need A Mentor?
February 14, 2018
What do Yoda, Mr. Miyagi, Professor Dumbledore, and Mary Poppins have in common? In addition to great screen presences, they're mentors. Do you need one? Probably. Let's take a closer look at how to figure it out.

What to Do Once You’ve Applied to College
January 23, 2018
When the buzz and thrum of the college application season ends, you may feel a bit underwhelmed—all that work, and now you have to wait. What should you do? Relax. Make a plan to secure finances, and get your head around one of the biggest adventures of your life. Let’s take a closer look at wha...

Five Tips for Addressing a Lack of Education on Your CV
January 15, 2018
Many job descriptions set forth a specific set of criteria for applicants. But what about if you find the perfect job and you don’t meet the criteria -- particularly when it comes to educational requirements? As it turns out, this doesn’t automatically mean game over. Why not? Because, in some c...

6 Creative Ways to Learn To Code
January 8, 2018
Have you caught coding fever? You should—coding is the language of the future. Want to learn to code? You can. Let’s take a look at six creative ways to learn.

New Student Volunteering Trends for 2018
December 29, 2017
If you’ve made a resolution to do better this year, then sign yourself up to volunteer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the hottest trends among student volunteers.

Five Reasons to Travel During the Christmas Break
December 22, 2017
While heading home for the holidays is an exciting proposition for many international students, others may have different plans in mind. But just because you can’t afford to go home or don’t celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean you have to spend the break sitting alone in your dorm or apartment. R...

What is ICT and Why Should You Be Interested?
December 19, 2017
If you like computers and technology, but aren’t looking for an advanced degree in computer science, consider studying ICT—Information and Communication Technologies—a branch of the IT world that focuses on communication. Let’s take a closer look.

Which Student Organization Should You Join?
December 15, 2017
College is a time of exploration—it’s a time to figure out what interests you and what you want to pursue after you earn your degree. In addition to the courses you take, the major you declare, and even the minor, you should also think about the kinds of groups you want to join. How do you figur...

Thinking of Becoming a Digital Nomad? Read This First
December 14, 2017
Mention of the word “nomad” may bring to mind visions of white-sheathed, camel-riding tribes roaming through sandstorms in the desert. However, a different type of nomad has emerged in the digital age -- and they’re rapidly growing in number. We’re talking about “digital nomads,” i.e., w...

Why You Should Study Mathematics
December 4, 2017
Love language? Love music? Love logic? Study math and make a difference. Let’s take a closer look at four compelling reasons you should study mathematics.


February 19, 2018

With the future of international mobility in the UK remains unknown in the wake of Brexit, the UK is weighing its options. One possibility currently u...

February 15, 2018

A recent article published in The Japan Times took on a perplexing question: Why don’t more Japanese students study abroad? According to the findin...

February 13, 2018

The Swiss Federal Council has committed $2.5 million to fund a pilot program aimed at facilitating exchange with students from non-European countries,...