Calling All Rural Students: There Are College Scholarships for You, Too!
September 20, 2016

While city life calls to many people, the allure of rural areas is also strong. From a lower cost of living to the unique and beautiful solitude found only in natural settings, there are plenty of reasons to embrace country living. When it comes to gaining access to higher education opportunities, however, the numbers suggests that students from small towns may be at a disadvantage. Let’s take a closer look at the research, along with highlighting scholarships aimed at leveling the playing field.

Student Loan Forgiveness May Be in Your Future With These Four Jobs
May 11, 2016
Today’s undergraduates are burdened by crippling student loan debt. And while the problem spans the globe from the UK to Japan, it’s most prevalent in the US, where student loan debt has recently ballooned into the trillions, with more than seven million borrowers in default. Howeve...

Eight Must-Reads for College Students
April 26, 2016
Quick! What was the last book you read? For many in-coming university students, reading is something to be done because it's required, and the last books they read were assigned in a high-school English class. But books are so much more than stuffy classics to be analyzed for themes and structures, ...

Seven Reasons to Play Video Games
April 19, 2016
Did you grow up hearing that video games were a waste of time that would rot your brain and ruin your eyes? If so, it's time to look at video games from a new perspective. Sure, video games are entertaining, but many have intrinsic educational, social, and psychological benefits. Check out this list...

Six Ways College is Different from High School
February 2, 2016
High school and college are two very different things, and most incoming freshmen realize quite quickly that they're not in Kansas anymore. But how different is the life of a co-ed to that of the high school student, and what makes college such a unique and memorable experience? No two college stude...

What Makes a University International?
January 26, 2016
The Times Higher Education’s roundup of 2016’s “World’s Most International Universities" is out. It uses three key criteria to determine what separates these extraordinarily global universities from the rest.  Let’s take a closer look at what it really means t...

Going Global: The Rising International Appeal of Community College
December 8, 2015
The New York Times recently asked the question: “As globalization has made the world smaller, two-year colleges have, in a sense, gotten bigger.” Why are more international students choosing community college, and should you consider joining them? Let’s take a closer look at this a...

Why a 2+2 Program Could Be Right For You
November 20, 2015
If you're serious about your studies but aren't sure if a four-year university is right for you, you should be considering one of the many 2-year colleges that communities around the US have to offer. Many community colleges are developing partnerships with larger universities and starting a bachelo...

The Case for Space: How to Become an Astronaut
November 18, 2015
Childhood fantasies everywhere just got one small step closer to becoming a reality. Earlier this month, the U.S.’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) made a noteworthy announcement: after a four-year hiatus, the government agency is recruiting astronaut candidates for deep-s...

Five Reasons Why You Should Attend Your Lectures
November 10, 2015
Every student skips a lecture at one point or another. And why not, when so many lecturers upload their notes and broadcast the lectures online? It may not seem like it, but lectures are a lot more than just slides on a screen. Here are some important reasons why you should be attending class and ti...


January 15, 2019

Early this fall, US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos declared that the US is embroiled in “a crisis in higher education” due to the rising cost ...

January 10, 2019

Australian universities have seen an increase in access to higher education in recent years. However, insiders say there’s more work to be done. To ...

January 7, 2019

Research consistently points to an access gap in higher education between students from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds. But this isn’t to ...