Keuka College's art and design major is geared toward students interested in design, visual expression, and digital communication. And, according to the Wall Street Journal, a fine-arts degree may be a better choice than many think.

While fostering creative development and personal expression, the major provides the skills and experiences essential for success in the field of design and visual communication. In fact, the program’s enhanced emphasis on digital media and graphic design will open up cutting-edge opportunities for students as they transition to the workforce or advanced study.

Taking advantage of the College’s historical commitment to experiential learning and faculty members who bring relevant, real-world experience to the classroom, Keuka College’s program provides the “practical, career-centered advising and experiences” that a recent national report on education in the arts recommends. These include a first-year introduction to the principles and practices of building a professional portfolio; a stand-alone, upper-level seminar focused on “Art in the World;” and a series of concentrations within the major that provide a variety of career pathways.

Art and Design majors may follow one of two paths. A stand-alone core-major program in Art and Design consisting of 51 credits, or an Art and Design major within any of the areas of concentration listed below, consisting of 63 credits.

Art & Design Core Requirements

Course Number/Name Credits
*ART 101 Foundations of Art and Design 3
*ART 201 History of Art I [renamed] 3
*ART 202 History of Art II 3
ART 205 Visual Design 3
ART 215 Drawing I 3
ART 225 Painting I 3
ART/COM/CMP 305 Design in a Digital World 3
ART 385 Aesthetic Theory & Practice [renamed} 3
ART 387 Seminar: Professional Practice in Art&Design 3
ART 445 Senior Project in Art and Design 3
Choose one 3
ART 281 Digital Photography
ART 282 Photography-Darkroom
Choose one 3
ART 240 Mixed Media
ART 245 Printmaking I
ART 250 Graphic Design
ART 288 Visiting Artist: 2-D
Choose one 3
ART 235 Ceramics I
ART 255 Sculpture I
ART 289 Visiting Artist: 3-D
Choose two, at least one of which must be a 300-level studio course included among the following: ART 315, ART 321, ART 325, ART 335, ART 345, or ART 355) 6
ART 315 Drawing II
ART 321 Advanced Studio
ART 325 Painting II
ART 335 Ceramics II
ART 345 Printmaking II
ART 355 Sculpture II
ART/COM/CMP 330 Digital Illustration (currently CMP265)
ART/COM/CMP 340 Web-Based Design (currently CMP 335 Web Page Design)
COM 350 Digital Publishing
ART 388 Visiting Artist: Advanced Workshop
(*includes 3.0 credits for ART 101, which also fulfills General Education requirements)
ART 294 Intermediate Field Period in Art & Design
ART 394 Advanced Field Period in Art & Design
Program taught in:
  • English

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