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Program Description

The bulk of the load profiling exercise of the Department of Mathematics, Theoretical and structural mechanics. The main direction of classroom and laboratory and practical training - development of models for road traffic flows, safety, intelligent systems, monitoring ulichnodorozhnyh network controls movement. The base of the department is the department of higher mathematics - one of the biggest in MADI. Directly in the educational process involved 45 teachers, including 9 doctors of different specializations (physico-mathematical, technical, pedagogical) and 7 young assistants, graduate of Moscow State University. University.

Practice & Employment

The faculty has established relations with major transport and service enterprises in the Moscow region, provides high-quality practical training at the enterprises of Russia, England, Poland, Germany and other countries. The department of higher mathematics department established mathematical modeling (GMM), which originally involved in environmental matters of road transport. Currently, GMM has a fleet of vehicles, mobile laboratories with appropriate facilities for the study of the movement of vehicles on the street and road networks. The department covers the entire cycle of issues related to automobile traffic: full-scale research on the state of roads and streams using detectors, audio video equipment; pattern recognition and video processing in real time; flow modeling and theoretical research models.

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