Degree in Advertising and Public Relations


Program Description

Official Degree: Degree in Advertising and Public Relations
Duration / ECTS: 4 years / 240 ECTS
Places / Campus: 75 / Moncada - Alfara
Taught in: Spanish
Learning outcomes

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General competitions

  • CG1. Capacity for leadership and decision making.
  • CG2. Capacity for creativity and problem solving.
  • CG3. Capacity for organization and planning.
  • CG4 Capacity for analysis and synthesis.
  • CG5 Oral and written communication.
  • CG6 Ability to manage information.
  • CG7 Computer skills related to the field of study.
  • CG8 Ethical commitment
  • CG9 Ability to work in interdisciplinary teams.
  • CG10. Skills in interpersonal relationships.
  • CG11. Critical reasoning ability.
  • CG12. Recognition of diversity and multiculturalism.
  • CG13 Motivation towards quality.
  • CG14 Adaptability to new situations.
  • CG15 Ability to develop criteria.
  • CG16 Capacity for independent learning.
  • CG17. Capacity for initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Specific competences

Disciplinary knowledge

  • CD1. Theoretical and practical knowledge of the profession and its processes and organizational structures.
  • CD2. Theoretical and practical knowledge of management techniques in companies in the sector, in the functional areas of advertising communication, public and corporate relations in public and private companies.
  • CD3. Study of the Communication Department within the companies and institutions and of the skills and techniques necessary for its management. Especially in the management of knowledge and intangibles of the company, markets and financial indicators.
  • CD4. Knowledge of the processes and techniques of research and analysis of the nature and interrelations between the subjects of advertising communication: creatives, companies, institutions, advertising and PR agencies, media, media and publics.
  • CD5 Knowledge of the structure of advertising media: its characteristics, typologies and problems. Analysis and investigation of audiences. Analysis and selection of media and media for the planning of advertising diffusion.
  • CD6. Study of specific marketing methods and techniques for decision making in the areas of communication in general and publicity and public relations, in companies and institutions. Knowledge and study of marketing processes and their specific techniques: positioning, segmentation, analysis procedures and measurement of effectiveness among others.
  • CD7. Knowledge of the schools, methods and techniques of creative thinking and its application in the process of advertising communication.
  • CD8. Knowledge of the processes of elaboration of the advertising messages: methods, creative techniques and the systems of analysis of the campaigns.
  • CD8. Theoretical-practical knowledge of the elements, forms and processes of advertising languages ​​and other forms of communication, using the official languages ​​of the State and foreign languages, especially English.
  • CD9. Study of strategies and processes aimed at the creation of added value in brands.
  • CD10. Knowledge of the ethics and deontology of professional activity, as well as its legal system, which affects both the practice and the ethical conduct that should govern the work of the professional.
  • CD11. Study and evolution of the industrial, social and aesthetic aspects that affect the transformations of the elements, forms and processes of advertising communication.
  • CD12. Knowledge and analysis of basic psychological processes, superior-cognitive, psychosocial and emotional in communication and consumer and specific psychological models developed for communication and persuasion.
  • CD13. Justification of the historical framework and conceptual development of the structural principles of the Social Magisterium of the Church.
  • CD14: Familiarization with the management of the different documentary sources that constitute the Social Doctrine of the Church in its different genres.
  • CD15: Training for the critical and reflective analysis of the main documents of the contemporary Magisterium of the Church, referred to the phenomenon of social communication.
  • CD16: Ability to analyze the main aspects related to economic relations in function of the great historical texts of the Social Magisterium of the Church.

Professional competences

  • CP1. Capacity and ability to take responsibility for the communication area of ​​an organization or company.
  • CP2. Capacity and ability to establish the communication plan.
  • CP3. Capacity and ability for the liberal exercise of the profession.
  • CP4. Relational and management capacity to establish a fluid and competent interaction between the advertiser and the agency.
  • CP5 Capacity and ability to exercise the functions of strategist, planner and buyer of means.
  • CP6 Ability to define and manage communication budgets.
  • CP7. Capacity and ability to devise and give creative form to the communication of the message.
  • CP8 Capacity and ability to create and develop graphic elements, images, symbols, sounds and texts.
  • CP9. Ability and ability to practice as experts in the strategic management of corporate image and reputation.
  • CP10. Capacity and ability to identify, value, manage and protect the intangible assets of the company.
  • CP11 Ability to manage relationships between organizations and their stakeholders, as well as related tools.
  • CP12. Capacity and ability to use communication technologies and techniques and all kinds of tools for analysis, measurement, information systems, etc.

Academic competences

  • CA1. Fundamental knowledge of communication. Knowledge about theories, methods and problems of advertising communication and public relations and their languages, which serve as support for their activity, depending on the requirements set as disciplinary knowledge and professional skills
  • CA2 Ability to assume leadership in projects that require human resources and of any other nature, managing them efficiently, assuming the principles of social responsibility and capacity and adaptation to multidisciplinary teams.
  • CA3. Ability to understand and interpret the environment, adapt to change, face crisis and work in situations of pressure.
  • CA4. Knowledge of the economic, psychosocial, cultural and demographic environment.
  • CA5 Capacity for creativity and innovation.
  • CA6 Ability to adapt to organizational objectives.

Other specific competences

  • CE1. Ability to relate to people and the environment without losing their autonomy.
  • CE2. Capacity for teamwork.
  • CE3. Ability of insight, ingenuity and creativity.
  • CE4. Preparation to assume the risk.
  • CE5 Capacity for analysis, synthesis and critical judgment.
  • CE6. Know how to manage time.
  • CE7. Ability to act in freedom and with responsibility.
  • CE8. Capacity for economic and budgetary management in its field of activity.
  • CE9. Capacity for objective analysis of reality and extraction of valid considerations.


Professional outings

The professional outputs of this Degree are being significantly extended in recent years to all those organizations in which it is possible to develop communication functions understood as the umbrella that covers a multiplicity of techniques. Job opportunities outweigh the classic orientation to traditional advertising agencies but still focus essentially on two worlds, Advertising and Public Relations.

  • Advertising: this aspect can be developed in any company whose activity focuses on the creation, planning and distribution of messages, campaigns in any medium.
  • Public Relations: the second field is the application of the knowledge acquired in the field of public relations and communication cabinets.

Both aspects can be developed in companies such as:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Media
  • Media centers
  • Design Companies
  • Companies where you can exercise and apply the knowledge of the race
  • Marketing and Advertising departments of advertisers
  • Institutions
  • NGOs
  • Etc.

That makes us different?

1.The experience and career

The studies in the area of communication at CEU University have started more than 30 years ago. We are backed by several decades of training communicators committed to their profession.

2.The vanguard in the facilities

Our university offers you the most professional resources and resources. You can test your creativity through the different challenges offered by the degree, either inside or outside the classroom. You have at your disposal the Audiovisual and Multimedia Production Center, where you can practice your new knowledge in a digital newspaper or a radio or television production company, also professional contests in Advertising and even a festival of audiovisual shorts.

3. Oriented towards the new employability

Tte we offer the possibility of taking the Own Degree in Communication and Political Marketing. You will increase your skills in public speaking and political discourse in our television sets, in political marketing tools and in electoral campaign planning. The plus in Professional Tools: during the degree you will study most of the subjects based on computer tools of the profession. But not only will you finish the degree knowing how to handle them, you will also take the competences endorsed by means of certificates: Certificate in Graphic and Web Design (127 hours: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Dreamweaver, Flash) and Certificate in Audiovisual Assembly (222 hours: Avid , Protools, After Effects, Movie Magic Scheduling).

4. The international dimension

Free complementary training in English from first to fourth to improve the level of departure. Opportunities for international internships (such as the EFE Agency in Paris, Lisbon, Geneva or Athens, or European producers such as Jelly Fish Pictures in London). One of the best international experiences for our communication students are the IPs (International Programs).

5. Double degrees of the specialist in double degrees

You can study at the same time two university courses with compatible schedules, with all the classrooms in the same facilities and, of course, without paying twice as much. So are the double degrees of the University specialist in double degrees.

  • Advertising and Public Relations Journalism
  • Publicity and Public Relations Audiovisual Communication
  • Advertising and Public Relations Marketing

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