AP Degree in Computer Science

The AP Degree Programme in Computer Science - for the student interested in programming, construction of software and communication.

What will you be doing in three years?

You may be working with information technology with an international company! Maybe in charge of system development and programming! Handling multi-media within the media or advertising industry! Or doing web design and generation! 

On completing the AP degree programme in Computer Science at Roskilde Business College, you will be in a position to develop, update and maintain IT systems on your own initiative, both in public institutions and in private companies.

Or you may continue in our top-up Bachelor Programme in Web Development, a 1½ year programme for AP graduates in Computer Science or Multimedia Design.

Programme information

The Computer Science programme combines theory with practical problem issues and provides relevant job qualifications.

You will become thoroughly versed in computer methodology and concepts. To which must be added: thorough knowledge of business organisation, economics, production management and environmental conditions with the businesses.

On completing your education you will be in a position to develop, update and maintain IT-systems on your own initiative, both in public institutions and with companies.


The education programme takes 30 months, and the study is divided into five semesters. Semesters 1-3 are compulsory for all students. In Semester 4 you will specialise in an optional subject and work 3 months as a trainee in a company, whereas Semester 5 is appropriated for students to write a dissertation whose subject is to be chosen in consultation with an enterprise, either in Denmark or abroad.


The core section is divided into five subject areas:

  • General: The coherence between technology and society, communication and mathematics.
  • The Enterprise: Organisation, project management, economic management, environmental control and logistics.
  • System Development: Strategy, analysis, design, project work, user participation, prototypes and test.
  • Programming: Algorithms, data structures, programming languages, database programming and implementation.
  • Technology: Safety, computer design, distributed programming, the Internet and Intranets.

Doing the individual theme in the 4th Semester and your Dissertation in the 5th Semester, you will have the opportunity of individualising your education. You may specialise within:

  • System Development and Programming
  • Network Administration and IT Safety
  • Multi-media development and IT strategy 

You may attend the International Line, doing a short-term study abroad.

Special feature of Roskilde Business Academy

Computer Science graduates from Roskilde Business Academy distinguish themselves by their profound knowledge of business affairs in the IT area, their mastering all phases of system development, and their excellent programming skills.

In addition to academic and vocational qualifications we emphasise:

  • independence and good interactive skills,
  • the ability to do project work and to be focused on achieving results,
  • interdisciplinary and holistic learning processes,
  • the ability to communicate results, and
  • being quality-conscious in your study, learning and development. 

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Sep 2020
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Sep 2020
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