2+2 Bachelors Program in Engineering


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2+2 Bachelors Program in Engineering

2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree Program! A four-year degree in engineering!

First of its kind: The 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree is offered in India by The National Management School, an international center of Broward College. After completing the 2-year AA program at NMS, students can transfer to ANY American university to complete their bachelor’s degree. The Associate of Arts degree is a well-recognized and accepted program in the United States, and is used as a stepping stone to the higher bachelor’s degree. The AA Program is a general program that will enable the student to transfer into any program at the bachelor’s degree level.

Last updated February 2018

About the School

The National Management School was started in India, by a group of professors from various US universities who wished to offer American quality higher education in India, at affordable fees. NMS began... Read More

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