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The Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE) is located in Riga, capital of Latvia, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. LASE is the main higher education institution in Latvia which offers education programs in many fields of sport. LASE offers accredited education programs and trains certified specialists to work in institutions and organizations in the field of education and sport. LASE Diploma is recognized in the countries of Europe, SNG and the world. Students have opportunities to train and participate in competitions, representing the Academy on the Latvia and the world level in the chosen kind of sport. LASE students and graduates are now top athletes, champions of the World and Europe, as well as famous businessmen, a.o. The Academy also offers study possibilities for those who do not want to excel so much in sport, but who prefer to facilitate people's health as a physical education teacher, a recreation specialist or a sport manager.

The Latvian State Institute of Physical Culture (LVFKI) started its activity on January 1, 1946 by LSSR People's Commissars Council decision. Practical studies in LVFKI started in January 1946 in Riga, 6 Aspazija (then Padomju) Boulevard, where there were no special rooms and premises had to be rented for studies. The situation improved slightly on October 21, 1946, when additional premises were allocated in 3 Kaļķu street. By contrast, in 1951 the Institute got premises in 10 Kalpaks (then Komunāru) Boulevard and 4 Vēstures Street. Infrastructure improvement took place in 1959, when LVFKI study and sports complex was built in 333 Brīvības (then Lenina) Street.

As an integral structural part of Sport University at all times has been the Sports Club (SKIF), which was founded on October 4, 1946 and throughout all years of its existence its employees were organizers of student and lecturer sporting activities. At all times our students have gained considerable success at the international level, taking part and representing Latvia and the University in the world and European competitions, as well as in different level student competitions.

In 1959 a 6-storey study building was constructed. The prestigious qualifications, obtained at the University, and the growth in the number of students, associated with it, was the reason for constructing another building for studies and sports in 1982, and in 1986 - Athletic Arena. In 1989 the students of the Institute gained extra lecture-rooms and offices. In 1994, the premises of scientific laboratory and a shooting range were opened alongside the stadium.

During its existence up to year 1992 LVFKI had prepared 5522 specialists with higher education and 151 - with special secondary education.

On November 5, 1991 the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Latvia with the order Nr.459 states that in the future to better reflect the higher education institution status and profile, its name will be the Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE). The first Constitution of the Academy was approved in Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia on March 10, 1992.

To perform tasks set forth for the Latvian Academy of Sport Education Pedagogical Faculty worked in the Academy, and during the period from 1983 to 1991 also the Faculty of Coaches. The number of students of the Academy, compared with the figures of 1946, has risen several times: from 2 study groups in 1946 to 27 groups at the beginning of the study year 2011/2012.

The number of teaching staff has also increased quantitatively and qualitatively:

38 members of academic staff, including 1 Professor, 16 Assistant Professors, 7 Senior Lecturers, 14 Lecturers and Assistants worked there in the academic year 1946/1947; in the academic year 2011/2012 education work at the Academy was provided by 78 members of academic staff, including 18 Professors, 15 Associate Professors, 22 Assistant Professors, 14 Lecturers, 9 Assistants, including 42 members of academic staff having Scientific degree.

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Professional higher education Bachelor study program Sport Science

Campus Full time 4 years September 2016 Latvia Riga

Provides professional <strong>Bachelor degree in Sport Science</strong>, as well as education and sport specialty. [+]

Provides professional Bachelor degree in Sport Science, as well as education and sport specialty with the following qualifications: - a sports (physical education) teacher and a sports manager, - a sports (physical education) teacher and a recreation specialist, - a senior coach of a definite sport and a sports manager, - a sports teacher (physical education) and a senior coach of a definite sport, - a senior coach of a definite sport and a recreation specialist.


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