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Engineering Degree in Industrial Engineering

International Institute  for Higher Education  in Morocco

Engineering Degree in Industrial Engineering

International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco

Engineering Degree in Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering concerns the planning, design, analysis, evaluation and implementation of systems of human resources, infrastructures and materials for the production of goods or the delivery of services. Industrial engineers seek to improve the productivity and quality of a business, and thus, unlike other engineers who apply their knowledge to specific areas, industrial engineers are active in a broad spectrum of businesses. Industrial engineers have the technical skills to make improvements in the manufacturing sector as well as to streamline operations in a service industry.

Industrial Engineering education seeks to develop the broad kind of systems engineering thinking that is necessary for the optimization and design of new manufacturing and service processes. The IIHEM Industrial Engineering curriculum consists of in-depth studies in the area of industrial engineering coupled with an intensive program in information systems and software development. Its courses cover the theoretical and practical areas of modern industrial engineering: manufacturing systems, operations research, statistics, engineering economics, reliability, industrial simulation, systems modeling, quality control, safety and industrial hygiene, engineering management, production, logistics and supply chain management. Information systems and software development courses cover the development and use of modern computer and automatic control methods to optimize enterprise production and service systems, software application design, systems analysis, database management and systems design.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Industrial Engineering program will be professionals involved in engineering processes that improve the quality and productivity of a firm. They may be involved in a multitude of activities, such as the management and operations of firms, the layout of facilities for optimizing operations, infrastructure design and location, industrial production planning and services management. During their career they may hold a number of positions including those of industrial engineer, computer system analyst, database administrator, industrial production manager, supply chain manager and computer and information systems manager.

Graduate Education In Finance

Holders of industrial engineering diplomas may wish to pursue advanced studies in specialized fields related to their fields of study. Graduate university programs permit engineers to hone their skills and acquire professional profiles that are in great demand in the industrial and service sectors. Many industrial engineering university departments offer such graduate programs, leading to Master's and Doctoral degrees. Among the degree programs that can be pursued are the following:

  • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
  • Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Master of Science in Production Systems Engineering
  • Master of Science in Operations Engineering
  • Master of Science in Quality Engineering
  • Master of Science in Operations Research
  • Master of Science in Human Factors Engineering
  • Master of Science in Safety Engineering
  • Master of Science in Logistics
  • Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology
  • Master of Science in Financial Engineering
  • Master of Science in Systems Engineering
  • Master of Science in Engineering Management

Most of the above Master's programs also have a continuation path to a Doctoral program.

Conditions for Admission to IIHEM

Applicants to programs in the School of Engineering must have a national high school diploma Baccalaureat in mathematics, experimental sciences or its equivalent. They must also have a satisfactory level in sciences and languages.

Applicants to the Management Science majors must have the national high school diploma Baccalaureat (option: science) or its equivalent.

Applicants to the Marketing and Communication major must have a national high school diploma Baccalaureat or its equivalent in any option. However, applicants having a non-science national Baccalaureat must follow a remedial program in mathematics.

Decisions on admission are based on a review of the application file, the results obtained in the Institute English, French and mathematics admissions tests, the oral interview and available space.

Where tests results are not satisfactory, the student is required to take remedial courses in mathematics and/or English before starting the academic program.

The type of the remedial course in mathematics assigned to the student depends on their program of study, the type of Baccalaureat degree they hold, the grades that they received in the Baccalaureat and the result of the Institute admissions test.

The following table shows the levels of English (represented by TOEFL scores) required for admission to the academic program, the Intensive English program or the Remedial English program:


School of Engineering

  • Admission to the academic program: OVER 420
  • Admission to the Intensive English program: 350-420
  • Admission refused: Under 350

School of Business Administration

  • Admission to the academic program: 530 or more
  • Admission to academic program in English with the addition of the course ENG101: 500-530
  • Admission to the Intensive English program: 420-500
  • Admission to the academic program in french with a remedial English program for 1 to 2 semesters: 350-420
  • admission refused: Under 350

The program in the French track in the School of Business Administration includes a remedial English component of ten hours and three academic courses offered in French. At the end of each semester, an assessment is made of the student's level in English. The assessment is based on the results obtained in the Remedial English program and the scores obtained in the TOEFL. This global evaluation allows for the student to be placed either in the group of the Intensive Program or the group in the French track best suited to their level and abilities.

Documents Required for Pre-registration

An applicant for admission should submit his application before the application deadline (at least four weeks before the beginning of the semester for which registration is desired). The application includes:

  • a completed registration form (PDF),
  • a transcript covering the last three academic years of the Baccalaureat,
  • a birth certificate,
  • a photocopy of the National Identity Card or of the Passport for the foreign student,
  • eight identity card size photographs,
  • two certified photocopies of the Baccalaureat diploma,
  • a medical file (PDF),
  • an affidavit of financial support (PDF),
  • the application fee.

The application along with a 200 Dirham non-refundable application fee must be submitted to the IIHEM admissions office before the application deadline.

Conditions of Admission for Transfer Students

Applicants from other higher education institutions may be admitted to IIHEM, if they fulfill the Institute’s general admission criteria.

They can receive credit for those courses taken at other higher education institutions that are deemed to be equivalent to similar courses offered at the Institute.

Credit transfer applies only to courses in which a satisfactory grade has been obtained.

Registration for Foreign Students

Admission to IIHEM is open to foreign students who satisfy the general admission requirements. However, the Baccalaureat or equivalent high school diplomas of foreign students have to be validated by the equivalency service of the Moroccan Ministry for Higher Education.

Registration for Returning Students

Former IIHEM students desiring to resume their studies at the Institute after one or more semester breaks are required to submit a readmission application to the Institute. They may be readmitted if their absence is justified. The student who has taken courses at other institutions is required to submit both a transcript of the courses taken at these institutions and a certificate showing that he has not been dismissed for disciplinary reasons from these institutions.

Notification of Admission

Once the admissions committee grants admission, the applicant receives notification of admission. Admitted students may enroll only if tuition is paid a minimum of two weeks before classes begin.


Tuition for studies at IIHEM is determined in the spring semester for the following academic year. The current tuition fees can be obtained by contacting the IIHEM student services office.

Student Loans

Students may apply for low-interest loans that can cover an important part of their tuition fees. Such requests need to be submitted directly to a group of banks that have signed loan protocols with IIHEM.


Reductions in tuition fees are awarded on a competitive basis to:

  • entering students whose Baccalaureat degree was awarded in Morocco with high marks,
  • current students who have the highest achievement in their graduating year Class,
  • brothers and sisters of currently enrolled students.

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