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Public Administration

Earning a bachelor's degree is achieved by completing the necessary course of study offered by the college or university you enroll in. Completing this study may take three to seven years depending on where you seek your degree.

Graduates of the Bachelor in Public Administration will be able to hold different careers that are concerned with public and non-profit organizations. Students will receive a thorough education in economics, research methods and statistics, ethics, policy analysis and public finance.

Like many other EU countries, Poland offers inexpensive or even free tuition to EU students. Prospective students should apply directly to their chosen Polish institution. The University of Warsaw, for example, charges between £1,300 and £2,500 per year for its English language courses.

Top Bachelor Programs in Public Administration in Poland 2016/2017

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Bachelor in Administration

British College Warsaw
Campus Full time Part time 3 years October 2016 Poland Warsaw + 1 more

If you dream of working in the state administration in the EU institutions or in foreign trade, select the administration! [+]

Best Bachelors in Public Administration in Poland 2016/2017. If you dream of working in the state administration in the EU institutions or in foreign trade, select the administration! While studying at the direction of the administration will gain knowledge in the field of law, social and economic knowledge. You will learn to interpret legislation, edit agreement, as well as to effectively negotiate and mediate. If you're focused on creating a modern and efficient administration is the direction for you! Select a degree in administration, if you want to be prepared theoretically and practically for the profession official - universally educated, familiar with European labor standards and modern systems of administration and management. Our studies combine theoretical with the practice of application of legal solutions and training management skills in administration. During the course you will gain practical skills in legal norms, economic and resolving problems arising from their use. Qualifications gained in this direction will allow you to work, among others, in the state administration, local government, European, customs duty. You'll be ready to actively participate in the preparation and implementation of various projects, you will see the benefits of teamwork and the implementation of specific tasks related to the modern administration. Work clerks do not have to be boring! We focus on the skills in demand on the labor market - important for future employers. As a graduate of the administration will be able to act in an entrepreneurial way, you will learn how to register a business and how to administer it. Our advantage is experienced and qualified teaching staff - students learn from the best! Specialties (specialties choice you make during the 4th semester, divided into specialties is from 5 semester): public administration public safety Learning Objectives to give the student knowledge of public management, general knowledge of the social sciences, especially the science of law and administration and public finance, as well as basic economic knowledge, qualification of personnel to efficiently perform assigned tasks related to the performance of duties in the structures of public administration and local government, businesses and international institutions, to develop the student's ability to self-improvement of the knowledge and the desire to improve their qualifications. After graduation As a graduate of the administration get: knowledge and skills to administer their own business entity, proper preparation and the right to take the second degree studies at home and abroad, the ability to understand the political, economic, social and cultural as well as identify issues and trends in the development of Polish and the world, practical ability to interpret the laws, drafting of contracts and the application of administrative procedures, knowledge of ethics and political decision-making mechanisms, ability to prepare public speeches and create the appropriate relationship between the public body and its environment. As a graduate of administration can take his career in: own business entity, institutions of central and local government, firms cooperating with NGOs and institutions, public and non-public, administrative agendas (social organizations, political parties) ministries, provincial offices, district offices and municipal, associations, common courts, law firms, border guards, the civil service, the prosecutor's office, international organizations and institutions of the European Union, small and medium-sized enterprises. [-]