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Despite its small population, Denmark ranks as one of the world's most innovative countries thanks to a strong emphasis on research and high-quality education. You will also be studying in a safe, friendly and innovation-driven environment.

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Bachelor of Global Business Engineering

VIA University College
Campus Full time 4.5 years September 2017 Denmark Aarhus

4½-year Bachelor programme taught in English which prepares students for careers in business as well as industry. [+]

Brief Introduction Combine engineering and business to enhance your international career prospects! Global Business Engineering is a 4½-year full degree professional Bachelor of Engineering programme taught in English and set in a vibrant environment of Danish and international students. As a graduate, you will be able to combine knowledge of technical and business issues and have the global skills in language and communication necessary to work worldwide. This combination makes the Global Business Engineer truly unique. During studies, you will learn how to design and implement technical solutions and also how to market and sell products. Through market analyses, product development, etc., you will also learn about cultural factors that may influence the buyers’ behaviour. The programme is taught in English at Campus Horsens and at Campus Aarhus C. Content and Structure The attractiveness of the global business engineer rests on a unique blend of science & technology, economics & international marketing combined with languages & culture. The learning process covers theory in combination with a number of multidisciplinary projects to be carried out both individually as well as in groups. Theory lessons and classes will have a higher intensity at the beginning of each semester, whereas they later on tend to be more project-oriented. The duration of the study is nine semesters full time, including study exchange possibilities on the 5th semester and a work placement on the 7th semester in Denmark or abroad. The programme offers a combination of approximately two-thirds of engineering courses and one-third of business and language courses. You will study a number of core subjects and, depending on your wishes, various elective courses will allow you to create your own individual specialisation profile. The programme places a strong emphasis on science and technology in a unique combination with economics and marketing as well as languages and culture. Focus is on applied science combined with teamwork and project work. Specialisations You may choose from the following fields of specialisation: Global Business Development This profile focuses on the design and development of new business areas that meet customer requirements and make companies competitive as well as pro fitable at the same time. Innovation and Product Design The ability to innovate, to be creative and most importantly to transform innovative ideas into business advantages is the key focus of this specialisation. Information Technology and Production Management This profile is for you who take an interest in computers, electronics, the web, multimedia or software development as it provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to manage information systems. Intelligent Mechanics and Systems Developing intelligent products and systems is about integrating software, system development and machine techniques. You will study the latest technologies, robotics and satellite communication combined with business studies. Sustainable Energy You will learn about basic energy engineering, energy conservation, design of energy plants as well as renewable energy technologies. Admission Requirements Requirements for International Students: Upper Secondary School Examination Certificates and diplomas (please also send a copy of transcript of records translated to English). The International and the European Baccalaureates. The above certificates must provide evidence of English language proficiency corresponding to a Danish A level (advanced level, minimum of three years at upper secondary level) and a level in a second foreign language corresponding to a Danish C level (intermediate level, minimum of one year at upper secondary level). A minimum mathematics level corresponding to a Danish B level is recommended. If you are a non-Danish speaking international student, you may choose Danish as your second language instead of French/German/Spanish. This requires Danish lessons at "Sprogcenter Midt" from the 1st semester, as well as courses in a second language at the 3rd, 4th and 6th semesters at VIA. As for documentation of your current English language level we accept the TOEFL test, the TOEIC test, the IELTS test or the Cambridge ESOL test. You may also choose to sit for VIA University College's English Language Assessment Test (VIAT/e). Applicants who are native speakers or have proof of secondary school education from the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand are exempt from the English language admission requirements. [-]