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Studying and living in Europe is a huge dream for many. Known for their quality of life, thriving economy and spectacular services, European countries offer international students a wonderful opportunity to study and acquire quality knowledge and skills not to mention the vast career opportunities in the region. Iceland is a country in the North West of Europe. It is less populated but full of life and fun. International students can come here and enjoy the wonderful climate. Nicknamed as the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ Iceland has a diverse culture and known for their human rights championship. The country has many co-curricular activities for you when relaxing: from fishing to outdoor events, this is the perfect setting for you.

The universities here offer various courses for international students. The main language is English and learning is available in both full-time and part-time modes as well as online degree studies. There are many support systems that will aid foreign students through the tussles of acquiring education in Iceland. The country attracts many international bachelor degree students every year. The career and employment opportunities include business, banking, law, technology and industrial sectors. The courses offered range from Bachelor of Science to technology to art among other bachelors degrees such as commerce and administration as well as management courses. One needs a visa to get through the country’s borders. The international office will get you through the travel issues smoothly.

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Bachelor in International Food Business

Aeres University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 4 years Iceland

The <strong>International Food Business programme</strong> is unique in many ways, but first and foremost because it is offered by a Dutch and a Canadian University who both offer their Bachelor degree to students who complete this programme, Students study both in Canada and in the Netherlands during the 4 years of study. [+]

Bachelors in Iceland 2017. The process from farm to fork is a unique and special process. Every year thousands of new products will enter the market and end up in stores all over the world. The food industry is a rapidly changing business climate, forcing companies to meet the constant demands for improvement. Therefore this industry needs well organised companies who are international orientated, innovative, concerned with international marketing and logistics and have a strong and secure quality approach. This is exactly what our course in International Food Business is focussing on. Future managers in the food business and food sector will need first-hand knowledge of international business practice and chain management. And although North America and Europe have a close bond since time immemorial, the two continents are very different. Consumer behaviour and doing business in North America is very different compared to Europe. If you want to work with these continents you need to adapt to both cultures. Every country is different from the other, so you need to know who and what you are dealing with. The International Food Business programme is unique in many ways, but first and foremost because it is offered by a Dutch and a Canadian University who both offer their Bachelor degree to students who complete this programme, Students study both in Canada and in the Netherlands during the 4 years of study. Professional opportunities If you complete the International Food Business study successfully your employment opportunities will increase dramatically, not only within the national and international agri-food business, but also in other industries. This could include positions such as: - Market Research Manager - Distribution and Logistics Manager - Corporate Sales Manager - Financial Officer - International Sales Consultant - Product Developer - International Marketing Manager Entrance Requirements Admission requires high school (secondary school) graduation at the level of higher general secondary education or pre-university education (Dutch equivalent HAVO-VWO). We advise you to contact us for personal advice and further details. Applicants must submit a motivation letter and resume outlining their commitment to the programme and must be available for a personal interview and an English language test. The decision on your enrolment will be based on all the requirements mentioned above. This Bachelor programme is offered by CAH Vilentum and Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture. You will have the unique opportunity to follow a study in an international class on two continents (dual degree). You will study for one year in Canada. During the first year you will study in the Netherlands together with the European students. In the second year, the Canadian students will join you. In the third year, the entire group will study in Canada. In the fourth year, you will complete your studies in the Netherlands with the option to do your thesis research at an internationally located company. The study language is English throughout the entire course. English language skills are one of the requirements in the application procedure, however the first two years English language classes are part of the programme to further support non-native speakers developing their language skills. [-]