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Bachelor Degree Specialization in Hospitality

Ferrieres Paris
Campus Full time 6 semesters September 2017 France Ferrières

Specialization in Hospitality [+]

Bachelors 2017 in Ferrières France. The Ferrieres Bachelor’s degree is based on the following three elements: 1. Professionalization for a successful entry into the labor market 2. Flexibility : the choice of pursuing Higher Education 3. International exposure for professional and cultural openness BACHELOR 1 : THE ESSENTIALS (COMMON-CORE SYLLABUS) Semester 1 339 hours of courses at Ferrières Semester 2 279 hours of courses at Ferrières + 4 months Internship Gastronomical Engineering Arts of Wine Culinary Arts and Table Arts Hospitality Engineering The Arts of Hospitality (Reception and Lodging) Management Accounting, Finance and Taxation Management and Operations Legislation Marketing (in English) Enterprise Environment Economics Mathematics and Statistics Tools and Support Office Technology Modern Languages English Foreign Language 2 Foreign Language 3 (optional) Culture and Cultures French Gastronomic Culture Botanical Gardens and Crops The Voltaire Project (mandatory) BACHELOR 2 : INTERNATIONAL YEAR (COMMON-CORE SYLLABUS) Semester 3 369 hours of courses at Ferrières 5 month Internship 50% courses in English Semester 4 International Experience in a Partner Hotel Management School 210 hours of courses 5-6 month internship Gastronomical Engineering Arts of Wine Culinary Arts and Table Arts Hospitality Engineering International Hotel Management Management Accounting, Finance and Taxation Strategic Intelligence Management and Operations Law and Regulations Marketing Company Environment Economy of Tourism (in English) Tools and Support Décor and Design Modern Languages Décor et Design Modern Languages English ML2 ML3 (optional) Culture and Cultures Sociology of Tastes and Taste The Voltaire Project (mandatory) BACHELOR 3 : PROFESSIONAL INSERTION / SPECIALIZATION Semester 5 282 hours of courses at Ferrières 50% of courses in English Semester 6 102 hours of courses at Ferrières + 6 month Internship Specialization in Hospitality Hospitality Strategy Innovation & Creative Hospitality Management Strategic Marketing Web strategies International Marketing Brand Value Management in Hospitality Hospitality Entrepreneurship Real Estate Management Yield Management in Depth Management Control and Performance Management Admission Criteria To help them develop their full potential, Ferrières is looking for motivated, skilful and qualified students profiles, according to the following requirements: High School Diploma / High School Diploma with Specialization [-]