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Bachelor degrees from accredited colleges and universities can be important stepping-stones toward a successful career.The most common type of undergraduate program is a bachelor's degree, usually awarded after four years of successful study

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Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a Nordic country situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe.

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Bachelor in Sports Coaching and Management

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 7 semesters August 2017 Finland Vierumäki

The Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed in today’s sports and leisure industry. Through real-life cases (project-based studies), the programme prepares students along four main development streams with the focus on 1) personal development and professional growth, 2) coach development 3) event and organizational management and 4) RDI competences. [+]

Bachelors 2017 in Vierumäki Finland. The Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed in today’s sports and leisure industry. Through real-life cases (project-based studies), the programme prepares students along four main development streams with the focus on personal development and professional growth, coach development, event and organizational management, RDI competences. The teaching is organized in English enabling students to work in an international environment during their work placement and upon completion of the studies. The project-based studies demand from the students a high degree of independent working skills and self-motivation as well as already pre-existing knowledge on literature research, critical and transfer thinking. The following qualities are considered very important in finding solutions for projects by future students 1) creative thinking and 2) the application of innovative methods. The first two years of the studies include intensive studying at the Haaga-Helia UAS Vierumäki Campus, after which the student has a chance to obtain information and knowledge in a real life working environment during the 1–11/2 years of work placement. "I have worked as a professional coach in Budapest, Beijing and, in recent years, at the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. My work includes developing sport in the region (developing, supporting and helping the clubs, coaches and players) and running regional coaching clinics and regional select teams (player development programme). Our studies were very practical and, during my years as a professional coach, I have understood that my studies have supported my professional development in an excellent way. As a coach you must understand the basics of anatomy and physiology. Communication skills, IT-skills and language skills are also extremely important. During your studies, you’ll have great possibilities to make connections both in Finland and abroad." Kalle Väliaho, Manager, Youth Hockey, Finnish Ice Hockey Association Profile of the Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management The Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management prepares the students with the knowledge and skills that are needed in today’s´ sports and leisure industry. Different learning objectives for the students have been set by the Degree Programme (DP) to be accomplished through the active participation in the process-oriented working methods (real-life working projects). In the project-based learning environment the students acquire and improve their competences to successfully work in challenging athlete-centered coaching environments or in customer-oriented sports events service environments upon completion of their studies. Each student receives useful and detailed feedback on the progression in each stage of the process-oriented working methods. In this active environment students are constantly challenged to review their knowledge and to generate new creative solutions for problems. The studies are conducted in a professional working environment where initiatives on the part of the students on innovations and projects are highly appreciated and expected. A discussion friendly atmosphere supports and creates collaborations and interactions between the facilitators and the students, and through the use of small groups in group-work situations students are expected to work on and develop their communication-, problem-solving-, organizational skills as well as their independent working skills. Within the new and innovative educational concept of process-oriented working-methods the students are directly working in close-cooperation with companies on solving real-life problems by means of innovative and creative solutions. This approach requires that the students already posses a working attitude towards solving case studies independently as well as already exhibiting sound skills in acquiring the knowledge and expertise needed for working on different kinds of real-life projects and problems with a view to finding creative and innovative solutions. Key Learning Outcomes of the Programme The key-learning outcomes and learning objectives of the Degree Programme are to equip the students with all the necessary knowledge and competences to successfully persist in demanding working-life situations. During the studies the students have the possibility to either specialize in athlete-centered coaching or in customer-oriented sports services depending on their individual interests and pre-existing knowledge. Through the studies the students´ knowledge will develop from a concrete and factual knowledge towards an abstract metacognitive knowledge. The existing knowledge and the competences of the students will be assessed at the beginning of the studies and are under a constant evaluation process throughout the studies. The programme offers unique opportunities for the students to be actively involved in the sport of their choice on a local, national and international level. Through the close cooperation of the Degree Programme with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence (IIHCE) and the Finnish Ice Hockey Association (FIHA) the students are constantly involved in the development of ice-hockey on a world-wide scale. Tuition 9500 E Student accommodation (inc. water and electricity) 300 E / month Food 150-250 E /month Transportation 50 E / month [-]