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A Bachelor's degree is a degree awarded by universities and colleges. In order to earn a bachelor's degree, you must complete the necessary courses that may last three to seven years depending on your institution of enrollment.

Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe is a neighbor of Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Poland. Czech universities offer long-standing reputation and interesting specializations.

This is the largest city in Czech Republic, and it's one of the most important research and education centres. The many education institutions located here ensures students both local and international have a wide choice of programmes to engage in during their stay. Education is impacting this city very positively in terms of social-economic growth.

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American Bachelor in International and Economic Relations

University of New York in Prague (UNYP)
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Czech Republic Prague

The world has changed. Borders have lost their original meaning, and we live in a globalized world. Only those who adapt to the new environment are the ones that succeed in getting the most out of it. [+]

Bachelors in Political Economics in Prague in Czech Republic. American Bachelor in International and Economic Relations The world has changed. Borders have lost their original meaning, and we live in a globalized world. Only those who adapt to the new environment are the ones that succeed in getting the most out of it. If you are interested in traveling the world, working in a business or government environment, and learning about other cultures, then a degree in International Economic Relations is your field of study. This degree is awarded by Empire State College, State University of New York. Students in the American program that choose to major in International Economic Relations have the option of sitting for the Czech State Exams upon completion of their program. Successful candidates are then awarded a double degree: an American degree from Empire State College and a Czech degree from UNYP. The 21st century is rapidly evolving into a world governed by regional and global geopolitical issues, and economic leverage is increasingly playing a dominant role in the way states interact. This means that diplomacy and international economics are quickly merging into a single concept, and it is upon this new foundation that government, business, and international organizations will communicate in this new era. For these reasons, the department of International Economic Relations at UNYP offers a modern curriculum that combines the study of economics and international politics. The program focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in political, economic, and international relations theory. The goal of the program is to prepare students to think theoretically and analytically about politics and economics in today's world, while using modern technology and ethical thinking in a multicultural environment to solve problems. Graduates of the IER program at UNYP will leave with the following skills, among others: A solid theoretical foundation in economics, including the micro foundations of economic thought and macro issues facing nation states, comparative politics and international relations; A thorough understanding of the politics, history and diplomacy that preceded the 21st century; An ability to think theoretically and analytically about contemporary issues in international affairs; Excellent oral and written communication skills in English; Proficiency in using software applications and information technology for research; An ability to work collaboratively in teams and in a multicultural setting. UNYP graduates continue to be successful in securing professional positions in their fields, and many are pursuing graduate degrees in the EU and USA. Alumni feedback indicates a high degree of satisfaction with the program, and students repeatedly indicate that the emphasis on oral and written communication skills, as well as critical analysis training, were instrumental in finding and retaining employment. Unique to the program is the interactive and dynamic teaching style of the faculty, which is recruited from the USA and the EU, and our professors hold advanced degrees in their fields of teaching. Lastly, the IER Bachelor Degree is a perfect stepping stone to graduate studies. A number of our graduates have continued their studies in some of the most prestigious universities such as The London School of Economics, John Hopkins University or Cambridge University. Courses taken as Requirements: Microeconomics Macroeconomics Introduction to Political Science International Politics Modern Europe European Integration Comparative Economic Systems Statistics for Business and Economics Legal Environment of Business International Organizations International Trade and Finance Comparative Political Systems Economic Policies of the European Union Modern Diplomacy Labor Economics International Conflict and Security Public Sector and Public Policy Ethics of Business and Public Administration Social and Economic Context of Globalization External Relations of the European Union Organizational Communication Comparative International Business Law A wide range of electives on: International Business International Relations Management Foreign Policy Ecological Economics Area Studies International Media Studies Contemporary Problems in Political Economy Human Resources [-]