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International Economics

Earning a bachelor's degree is achieved by completing the necessary course of study offered by the college or university you enroll in. Completing this study may take three to seven years depending on where you seek your degree.

BA in International Economics focuses on the aspects of doing trade and marketing on international perspective with keen focus on the financial economics that drive the international markets.

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic within the European Union, located in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along the Alps.

One of the most beautiful cities of Italy, Venice is famous for its good weather and tourism. However, not many people are aware of the high quality education system of universities such as Ca' Foscari University of Venice and Venice International University.

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Bachelor in Philosophy, International and Economic Studies

Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Campus Full time October 2016 Italy Venice

In addition to passing the admission test for this first cycle degree programme, students must possess a proper individual educational background: each course has pre-determined the knowledge deemed necessary for the student to possess in order to successfully follow the programme. [+]

Bachelors in International Economics in Venice in Italy. This course has been designed by Ca’ Foscari University as a cutting edge program of study entirely taught in English. Its interdisciplinarity that brings together the teaching of philosophy, economics and international studies, is unique in the Italian academic environment and is intended to align itself with similar courses at European level. The program is patterned after the Philosophy, Politics, Economics (P.P.E.) degree taught at Oxford. A number of departments and Ca’ Foscari’s new International College that attracts some of the university’s top undergraduates and houses some of the best faculty members will be involved in the teaching and management of the course. This course will enable students to acquire basic knowledge in the three main subjects of philosophy, economics and international studies; analytic and critical skills to approach topics and domains of inquiry in an interdisciplinary way and with a wide frame of reference; and awareness of the practical implications that studying philosophy, economics and international studies has for the understanding of the world we live in. [-]